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I haven't completed a vid in aaaaages, but I have the urge. Of course, I vid rarely enough that every time I try, I find I've gone and changed operating systems, and have to start all over from scratch.

(Why isn't Sony Vegas available for Mac? It was such a NICE program. Then I found a site that said Kdenlive, the delightful Linux video editor I used a few times, was available for Mac ... and it is, but via some high-level workaround stuff. I just want to vid, dammit!

Anyway, my n00b level question -- when you real vidders talk about clipping, what do you mean? And what software do you use?

What I THINK you mean is that, before the vidding begins, you go through and cut out the clips you want to use, so you're not sitting there with ENTIRE EPISODES or ENTIRE MOVIES in your video editor when you're making the actual vid. Is that the case? Because it certainly seems like an easier way to go about it. But what software do you use if you're on a Mac? Or am I heading off in the wrong direction all together?
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On No Award, about 5000 words of discussion of Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword. All those words, and we didn't even get around to complaining about the Ghost Gate, and foolish persons who DON'T GO THROUGH THE GHOST GATE WHEN IT'S RIGHT THERE, I MEAN, COME ON, PEOPLE.

Companion Piece is now available for pre-order from Amazon and BookDepository.  These are for the hardcopy editions; ebook pre-orders will be available in the near future.
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Been a while, eh? Here's what I've been doing in the meantime...

(Mostly my own stuff, reblogs only when I've added something of substance.  I mean, I figure you've all seen the stuff that gets reblogged already, right?)

Legend of Korra stuff

Post-finale (oldest to newest):
Pre-finale (newest to oldest because I forgot to order them!):

...everything else
Well, that takes us back two months.  You can probably get the highlights for the rest if you check my Lin Beifong tag.  I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM, I CAN STOP ANY TIME.  But also, did I mention I sold a short story and co-edited a book?

lizbee: Mid-shot of Lin Beifong, a slight pout on her lips (LoK: Lin (pout))
Title: ("Royals!")
Author: LizBee
Rating: All ages
Characters: Lin Beifong, Suyin, various others
Notes: I have to apologise to [personal profile] archangelbeth, who shared her headcanon that Lin is Kuei's daughter, and therefore next in line for the Earth Kingdom throne. Because I have taken a perfectly good crack theory and treated it seriously, but also given it the worst possible title (I've had the Lorde song in my head all day, shut up) because none of my friends stopped me. Uh, spoilers for the book 4 trailer and the name of a new character.

Summary: Lin discovers (a) who her father is and (b) that she's the new Earth Queen. She's not delighted.

'And baby, I'll rule (I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule)' )


Sep. 3rd, 2014 06:50 am
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The danger of taking a few minutes out of your lunch break to post fic: of COURSE you're going to mess up the cut tag and lose the first few paragraphs.

"The Hidden Stars", now with end, middle AND beginning.

Grover voice: Oh, I am so embarrassed...
lizbee: Lin Beifong, hands raised for a fight (LoK: Lin fights)
Title: The Hidden Stars
Summary: You can't see the stars in Zaofu.
Notes: Spoilers.
Rating: Teen

Lin's good mood carried her through the afternoon and well into the evening. )
lizbee: Close-up of Korra's face as she smirks (LoK: Korra)
Title: The First Step
Summary: Lin offers Korra companionship in her recovery.
Rating: Mostly G with PTSD and allusions to suicide and Lin's time as a prisoner of the Equalists?
Notes: Spoilers through to the end of season 3.

Korra got Asami to take her out to the cliff that overlooked the statue of Aang in the harbour... )
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It's not through any lack of love that I didn't do a LoK post last week -- just that I was in immense pain on Saturday, and pretty much watched the episode, went to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy, stopped in at a friend's birthday drinks, then went to bed at 5.30 in the afternoon. And the rest of my weekend was spent catching up on everything I didn't do on Saturday.

(I was awake for a period on Saturday evening, during which I ate dinner and drew this, which went on to get more notes than anything I've ever drawn. Painkillers, man.)

Anyway, I threw some semi-coherent thoughts at [personal profile] nonelvis last weekend, and here they are: Spoilers )

And then 'Long Live the Queen'. )
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Title: Stack Your Stones
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Lin/Tenzin

Summary: Tenzin hears about Suyin's arrest.

'Children aren't as simple as we'd like to think.' )

Life goal

Jul. 25th, 2014 09:21 am
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I've never done Yuletide before, but I'm prepared to make an exception if I can submit First Dog on the Moon as a fandom. Mostly so I can get someone else to write me fic where Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin infiltrates Border Force ("Honk"), but also because he's great and stuff. (Further archives.)

My other life goal is to not be the only Lin/Asami shipper in fandom, but just for now I'll settle for persuading fans that giving their fan comic to Bryke won't net them a job writing for Legend of Korra in any medium. Don't Give Fan Works To Creators. Maybe we should start teaching it in schools?
lizbee: Chief Beifong sits at a table, looking unhappy (LoK: Lin is unimpressed)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Lin Beifong, Suyin Beifong
Additional Tags: Sisterhood, Mother-Daughter Relationships, Dysfunctional families
Summary:  For Lin and Su, reconciliation means addressing their mother's failings.

'She never came,' Lin said suddenly. )
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Not soon, I hope.

Context: here and here, and I took a break from re-enacting popcorn.gif to talk serious business. (TW for sexual assault, child abuse, Marion Zimmer Bradley, etc.)

Apparently one of the decision-makers was 17, and another was 13, and I feel really bad for those kids, but I'm also really mad at the actual adults involved, who should be stepping up and ... you know, being adults and taking responsibility.
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So I didn't say anything about the first two episodes of the season, because there's only so many times I can say THAT WAS GREAT before it gets repetitive, and no one needs to hear about my inappropriate Zaheer crush. ALSO, I've been pretty spoiled for all the Spanish leaks, and didn't have much to say that wasn't spoilery. Except that Zaheer follows in Avatar's grand tradition of inappropriately attractive villains. (Yes, I count Unalaq there, SHUT UP.)

This week, FOR SOME REASON, I have something to say. Spoilers collect rare meteorites. )
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...but Tansy Rayner Roberts is doing a serialised, gender- and racebent Three Musketeers in space.

But like I said, no one I know would be up for that.

(Oh, and she's totally the National Guest of Honour for next year's Continuum. Because I'm chairing, and I said so. Also I asked and she said yes.)


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