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What I need is epic longfic about Zuko and Mai's descendants grappling with the future and their family's legacies. With cameos from Lin Beifong and Katara and Aang's kids. Including the story of how Zuko and Mai's granddaughter ran away to Republic City as an act of rebellion, and wound up spying on Amon by posing as an Equalist posing as a pro-bending groupie, and probably ends up the second person in her family to have their bending taken away.

I'd write all this myself, but it requires energy and a lack of headache, neither of which I have right now, and also, while I can use my laptop now for some things, the optimum position for typing is incredibly uncomfortable.

Date: 2012-05-06 10:56 am (UTC)
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Problem is, their descendant(s) could be showing up any moment in Korra (please pretty please) and the epic longfic would be smothered in infancy.

I hope Zuko shows up for the sole reason of dragging that granddaughter back to the Fire Nation by her ear.

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