Jun. 7th, 2017

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Just so you know, the lack of a "Lie of the Land" post is not because I disliked it, or even because I was indifferent! It's just that Continuum is this weekend, and I've been very busy, AND I've been horrifically arthritic, which makes typing problematic.

I'm home from work today, slowly and carefully doing small chores like half loads of washing, and hand-soothing stuff like dishes, and generally perceiving the world through a fuzzy codeine fog. And also playing Dragon Age: Origins, even though I'm still in the first part of the story and keep being killed by spiders.

(Between the codeine and the fact it only requires a couple of fingers, gaming is easier than regular typing. Aside from the aforementioned spiders.)

If you're in Melbourne, you should deffo come to Continuum. Especially to the Bioware Panel, which takes place at 10am on Saturday and may continue with more shouting and opinions after. Possibly in the bar, or at least a cafe appropriate to mid-morning. We have a PowerPoint presentation. It includes Hamilton lyrics.


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