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I've wanted a Doctor Who episode set in a sharehouse basically since I first saw "Rose". This was nothing at all like what I envisioned, but I loved it.

iView's stream has 3D sound design optimised for headphones, and let me tell you, that was TOTALLY creepy. At one point I thought the cat was going through the rubbish behind me ... but the cat was right in front of me. SUPER effective, well done, team.

This worked for me as a nice metaphor about predatory landlords, although I don't think the UK has negative gearing, so at least Bill's tax dollars pounds aren't helping to pay for David Suchet's mortgage.

And, given the current state of Melbourne's rental market, "this house literally eats people" wouldn't necessarily make it impossible to rent out.

(But seriously, there was an anecdote going around Twitter about a house inspection in Melbourne where one of the current residents emerged and yelled at the fifty or so people waiting outside, "The reason we're moving is that there's black mould in the bathroom and we've been waiting two years for the landlord to fix it!" And none of the prospective tenants walked away.)

And Bill! I adore her, and I've never identified with a character more than when she's nervous about fitting in with new flatmates, and then they make fun of her taste in music. (The episode's pop songs are by Little Mix, a group formed out of a reality TV series. Their music is too cheesy even for me, and I used to have the entire Billie Piper discography, including unreleased demos, until I lost it all in a hard drive crash. But you do you, Bill, and don't let your friends make you feel bad about your taste.)

I also love the Doctor gettin' down with the kids. Although I was less into the scenes where he's oblivious to Bill's boundaries, because, nope. (On the other hand, asking a friend to help you move, then not even letting him in the house, is a bit rude, even if he does have a TARDIS.)

Luckily it didn't go where I expected, ie, Bill's flatmates thinking she was having an inappropriate relationship with her professor. No, the Doctor is her granddad now. AND I LOVE IT.

Although I hope it's not foreshadowing for a Shocking Reveal that it's Susan in the vault. The Susan we know wouldn't be delighted at the prospect of young people dying, and I am not here for a Dark N Gritty Susan.

(I still think it's the Master, but, knowing how much Moffat enjoys misdirection, I think it won't be the Master we're expecting. The doors will open, and there'll be a big reveal, and it will turn out the Doctor has been enjoying quiet nights in with Mexican take away and Geoffrey Beevers.)

(Honestly, the whole piano thing, and the song choices, make me think it's Missy in the vault, and she's going to get Simm!Master to release her.)

(But I'm also concerned that Nardole will turn against the Doctor? STAY TUNED.)

Speaking of blasts from the Whovian past, according to some cut dialogue, flatmate!Harry is the grandson of Harry Sullivan -- who isn't the grandfather who got arrested for trying to steal bits off the Great Wall of China, but flatmate!Harry's other grandfather. Noice.

This made me realise that Bill is of an age with the SJA kids -- maybe even a bit younger -- and I had to stop and come to terms with the passage of time. I bet this is how the Doctor feels everyday.

Anyhoo, the setting and supporting cast were all great, and the atmosphere was deliciously creepy. I found the reveal(s) a bit of a letdown, mostly because the actress playing Eliza basically had an emotional range from A to A. The twist that the landlord was not Eliza's father, but her son, was neat, but also added a layer of creepiness that wasn't really explored. (I mean, it probably doesn't help that I read r/JUSTNOMIL a lot, and that board is full of men who have unhealthy relationships with their mothers.)
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