Jan. 1st, 2017

lizbee: Speech bubble from NextWave: "Zomg. Boom." (Comics: ZOMG BOOM)
I know there's a strong element of shutting the barn door many, many years after the horse took off, but I'm very much inclined to delete my LJ account outright in a week or so. My stuff is all backed up here, and I only use LJ to follow a couple of people who haven't migrated elsewhere -- if I have to, I can just follow them via RSS and hope they've enabled anon comments.

(I am rather amused by the notion that my blogging has EVER been covered by the First Amendment, and I doubt there would be any issues for me using a service based in Russia, but, you know.)

Most concerningly, this observation from [personal profile] mme_hardy:

LJ no longer allows access to its https site when browsing/posting, which means that any information you send to that site is readable by every other site that cares to eavesdrop. This means that anything you post under friendslock is still being read by any site that chooses to spy on Livejournal communications; you can safely assume that at least one Russian-government entity is.

I just double-checked, and the payment page *is* protected by https, so that at least should be secure.

I really hope the Russian government enjoys my thoughts on Nickelodeon cartoons, YA fiction and the weather, and I hope they'll find a way to cope without my input.


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