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May. 12th, 2013 09:45 am
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[personal profile] yiduiqie told me on Friday night that she didn't know there was a Doctor Who episode last week, because I didn't blog about it.

I'm just very busy with Continuum stuff, and also other things, and also I'm a bit run down, and the thought of having actual, coherent thoughts about Doctor Who makes me want to go back and go to sleep.

Quick summary of my feelings about "The Crimson Horror" and "Nightmare in Silver":

Monsters bad. Doctor good. Vastra and Jenny great. Strax very nice. Clara very nice. Artie and Angie very nice. Warwick Davis very very nice.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that while I like Clara just fine, I can't really get a grip on her character. Cut for negativity and stuff. )
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I didn't post about this on the day because I was feeling unwell when I watched it, and didn't really have a reaction beyond, "Well, that happened." Plus, my ears were blocked, and I missed a lot of dialogue.

And thinking about it further, "I didn't like it because it wasn't like my fic" is a useless and stupid basis for a review.

Luckily, the ever-sensible [personal profile] selenak has come along and put into words my vague feelings.
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Okay, that was scary.  Well done, show.

Spoilers! )

lizbee: (DW: Nimons are forever)'s just had more time to practice.

For example, every now and then I like to look at old issues of DWM and fanzines. There is, of course, the infamous case of the Liverpudlian fanzine that shut down after a tasteless joke about the death of Colin Baker's infant son. (Some versions of the story have the child dying as punishment for bad acting, others have something about Baker digging the baby's body up for some purpose. The boy had died of what we now call SIDS, so Baker was deeply unhappy about the whole affair.)

Anyway, nothing I've found has been quite that terrible. Yet. I have to say that the idea, currently being put about, that Steven Moffat is a pedophile who writes children into stories to get himself off, comes pretty damn close. (And seriously, if you actually believed that ... what does it say that you're still watching?)

But I have discovered that, true to form, the fandom reacted with DISMAY and HORROR when Doctor Who began to be released on VHS. Because then you might realise it wasn't very good, you see. And plus, with home video, anyone could start watching it.

But I'm particularly charmed by this article from Doctor Who Bulletin, a publication for which the saying that a Doctor Who fan is someone who hates Doctor Who might have been created.

There's a large image behind here. )
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...only I often find my first lines don't stand all that well on their own, so I'm being self-indulgent and doing first ... bits.  Lines, paragraphs, whatevs.  Includes completed stories, early drafts that were sufficiently different to get a separate file, etc.  Going by the date the GoogleDoc was last changed.

Here is a cut tag! )

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Well, this one's been divisive, and not just because no one can agree on how to spell "Akhaten"! (At first I read that as "Akhenaten", and got really excited because I thought it was an episode about Egypt's foray into monotheism, with bonus Return!Nefertiti! Alas, it's not to be. But the BBC should get onto that, because a sun god with hands reaching down to humans? YOU CAN'T TELL ME THAT WOULDN'T LOOK CGI-TASTICALLY AMAZING.)

Anyway, yes, divisive episode. People seem to either love it or feel aggressively apathetic towards it. I'm in the first category, with an option to deem it mostly forgettable by the end of the season.

What I have to rant about, though, is that [personal profile] calapine got an immediately-deleted (so she therefore couldn't reply to it) comment telling her off for being negative about the RTD era in her review post -- I didn't think she was especially negative myself, but I'm hardly unbiased), and [personal profile] settiai got a comment telling her that anyone who liked this episode must be stupid.

Was it last year that I had to make a post asking that, if people hated this episode, they do so other than in my LJ? That still stands. I really love having a few hours or days where I'm incredibly happy and floaty and basically on a post-Doctor Who high, and I resent when people try to burst that bubble. I'll come to be more critical in my own time, thanks. As far as I'm concerned, as long as spoilers, large images and major triggers are behind cuts, people's journals can hold whatever opinions they want.

(Having said that, the etiquette of cutting spoilers seems to be a thing of the past. I'd blame Tumblr, only it's not just Tumblr users who do it. First Downton Abbey, then Legend of Korra and now Elementary, there seems to be this adorable idea that if you don't like Media Property X, then there's no need to cut for spoilers. "If you don't want to be spoiled, stay off the internet" tends to be the standard response, especially if it's an American responding, because spoiler warnings only matter if you're in the US, watching a British property. Apparently. It makes me a bit cross. I'm not entirely anti-spoiler, but I like to have a choice in the matter, you know?)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode, although I don't think it's going to go down as a classic, and I have a few things to say about it.

The most important spoilers in human history, with brief discussion of abuse in the Catholic Church. )
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I have to go out, so my actual episode reaction will be up in a few hours, but in the meantime, I had to react to some stuff I've seen.  Mostly on Tumblr, yeah, but what can you do?

Spoilers )
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I like this meme a lot, I just don't do it very much because I have enough trouble making time for my monthly round up of books!

What are you reading now?

Re-reading The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.  [personal profile] violetisblue mentioned buying a copy, and I was overcome with the desire to read the whole series again.

I appreciate how Gen is, as Ambiades puts it, "not exactly stalwart".  He's a great big whinger, and as much as I cringe a bit, I also like that he has no intention of being the Stoic, Brooding Hero. 

I missed the actual get-together, but I put The Thief in my RL book club's hat, and no one liked it.  *shakes head*

What did you just finish reading?

1.  Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Search (part 1) -- actually, I cracked and read a scan last week, but I finally managed to buy the last copy in Melbourne last night, and it turned out the scan had missed a bunch of pages, so there was stuff I hadn't read yet!  IT WAS VERY EXCITING.

Basically, after I read the scan last week, I had feels-related insomnia, and then I had FEELS all the way from Tokyo to Melbourne.  Feels, not feelings, because they weren't articulate enough for that ings.  Mostly they are Ursa feels, but also Zuko and Azula feels, and my usual vague desire to set Ozai on fire.  Although I really like the way Gene Luen Yang writes Ozai and fleshes him out without softening him, like the secret chamber that's full of artifacts from other cultures.  If it was Iroh, you'd think he was interested and wanted to learn, but because it's Ozai, it's more like a serial killer's souvenirs, only his victims are entire cultures. 

I haven't sought out the general fannish reaction, because [personal profile] unjapanologist said it was stupid, and I have enough problems with Doctor Who fandom at the moment.  Remind me to make a post about how not liking a writer's tropes doesn't mean it's okay to decide he's a paedophile. 

2.  Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Assimilation2 -- I accidentally bought volume 2 instead of volume 1, 'cos I'm an idiot.  But I read half of volume 1, so I knew that the Borg and the Cybermen had formed an alliance, and the TARDIS had turned up on the Enterprise-D for wacky crossover shenanigans. 

I found the writing pretty clunky and exposition-heavy -- I strongly feel that if the heart of the TARDIS inhabits Data, that should be a crowning moment of awesome, not an afterthought -- and there was this weird thing where Starfleet officers addressed Amy as "Miss Pond" if she was on her own, but Amy-and-Rory were "Mr and Mrs Williams".  Which mostly takes me back to the time in 2000 when I caused great offence on a mailing list by suggesting that women would have stopped automatically taking their husband's names by the 24th century. 

On the other hand, the art -- hand-painted, although some of the photo references were a bit too identifiable -- was amazing, and completely justified the purchase.  And I would happily buy some of the covers as posters.

What do you expect to read next?

The next three Queen's Thief books, and then I have some more Japanese crime fiction to read.  I didn't love The Devotion of Suspect X, but I'm optimistic!
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Look, I just reached a tipping point, okay?

 photo companionbingo_zpsfd1b826f.png

All of these are things I've seen actual people say about actual companions.  Sometimes in what are ostensibly feminist critiques.  Left out due to lack of space: victim, actress is responsible for sexism, a few others. 

"Agency" is included because in the last couple of years I've seen it being chucked around with abandon, regardless of situation, context, or, indeed, whether or not a character has any agency.  This is a problem across fandoms, not just Doctor Who, but the result is that it's become as meaningless to me as labeling a character a Mary Sue or a Strong Female Character.  ("Fridged" is going the same way, especially after complaints that Sophie was fridged in "Closing Time" because she ... went on a holiday ... and came back alive and happy at the end.)
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With Amy gone, we can no longer argue whether or not wearing mini-skirts makes her a brazen hussy ... but don't worry, here's the argument about whether Clara's second job makes her a whore, or merely easy. Also, characterisation: what business does it have appearing in television?

Fandom: actually in fact the worst!

On an unrelated note: denizens of Tumblr! If you're about to claim that rape was unknown outside of Europe until it was introduced by colonisers, I strongly recommend first googling "noble savage stereotype", and then sitting very quietly and thinking about what you've done.
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Head on down to my blog if you want to enter a draw for a free, autographed copy of Chicks Unravel Time!

So far I have ONE WHOLE ENTRY!


Dec. 6th, 2012 07:13 am
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My ChicagoTARDIS post! Featuring Chicks Unravel Time, the back of Burn Gorman's head, and people being wrong about Star Trek: Voyager, which is an impressive feat at a Doctor Who convention.

And, switching fandoms:

[community profile] white_lotus's annual Lunar New Year Exchange is now open for sign-ups! This is the only fandom exchange I ever participate in, but I love it -- it consistently produces really good fanworks, and I'm curious to see what it comes up with now we have Legend of Korra to play with.
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I'm on my iPad, and therefore fail at links, but it is TOTALLY OUT. I know, because I bought it from the Kindle store for $9.99 last night and READ THE WHOLE THING.

And it was GREAT. There was one essay I disagreed with mildly, and one whose premise I agreed with, but it was expressed in such a way that I found myself disagreeing just for the sake of it, and I might have to do a whole series of blog posts when I get home to work out my feelings. STAND BACK, I'M GONNA WATCH DOCTOR WHO.

The rest of the essays I liked, and a considerable number I really loved. This is an amazing ratio of win:fail in a book of this kind, because generally at least a third of a fan book would have me throwing it against the wall. Which isn't at all convenient when you're reading on an iPad, and someone really needs to create a therapeutic book-throwing app. BUT NOT FOR CHICKS UNRAVEL TIME. Because it is great! I can't wait to hear what people think about it!

Aaaaaaand I'll be talking about it at the Chicks Unravel Time panel at ChicagoTARDIS in a couple of weeks! I'm trying to come up with coherent things to say, but I might wind up having to express my love for the book, the editors, the other contributors and Doctor Who in general through the medium of interpretive dance. IT'S A VALID ARTISTIC CHOICE.
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1. On Skaro, no one cares if you scream. A mash-up of the Alien trailer with "The Daleks".

2. So today is the first day of the Armageddon pop culture expo, which is the closest Australia gets to a big media con like Comic-Con. Originally the guest line-up included JMS, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman.

Then JMS and Pat Tallman cancelled.

Then Claudia Christian pulled out.

"Fine!" I thought, "I'll just go and be creepy at my OTP!"

Then, Wednesday, Mira Furlan lost her passport. So ... it's just Boxleitner.

I have an autograph token, which is probably good for about 30 seconds of conversation. I've spent the last couple of days training myself not to blurt out anything about his blinding white teeth, his ex-wife's tell-all autobiography or his weird resemblance to Bill Clinton. And hopefully I'll manage to not tell him he was the bland, conventionally attractive centre around which all the really amazing acting happened. ([personal profile] indeed reckons I should just ask to touch his teeth. WE'RE GOING FOR NOT-CREEPY HERE!)

Perhaps I'll just ask if the stunt people inside the Kosh costume suffered very greatly from their inability to turn around in confined sets.

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Title: Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don't Wait Around: The Paradox of Amelia J. Williams
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Characters: Amy Pond, various companions
Contains: Spoilers up to "The Angels Take Manhattan", illustrations.
Notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] violetisblue for reading an early draft and confirming that I can still make words in this universe.
Summary: Between her debut in 1938 and her death in 1993, Amelia Williams probably wrote over five hundred novels, short stories and articles.

A foreword with narrative diversions )
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Today on Facebook:

Me: It's take your Weeping Angel to work day!

My brother: Much more effective than 'Bring a...' What was I saying? What are these marks on my arm? And why do I suddenly have a meat cleaver in my hand?


Apparently I have so many Pond Feelings that I started writing fic this afternoon. It may require illustration. Difficult to say.

(No, actually, the requirement for illustration is not negotiable, but my ability to fill the requirement is.)


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