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Azula/Ty Lee: hey, if Nickelodeon Magazine wants me to ship them, I'm not going to argue.

Also, [profile] bnharrison linked me to this vid, which manages to have talky face and STILL be amazing. (Possibly talky face is just one of those hazards of the job with cartoon vidding? Rather like OldSchool Who?) Anyway, it inspired vague thoughts about the following:

(a) Christian music is surprisingly good for vidding, because the metaphors we use to describe God can become remarkably literal when paired with genre footage. Or, Liz is still a bit amazed that "Late, Great Planet Earth" by, um, a band whose name she can't remember wasn't actually written about a Dalek invasion.

(b) I think I like Zuko because he hits the same narrative kink as Snape, ie, a man with great potential for both good and evil who has done and may go on to do terrible things, but who is scrabbling his way towards redemption. At the same time, their Epic Emo is undermined by the way the narrative has NO RESPECT for their inherent dignity, so they end up spitting and flailing as Sirius Black/Aang* escapes under their noses.

(c) Vids are great, aren't they?

* NOT a pairing I want to see in fic, thanks.
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[ profile] cesario expressed a desire to see a certain tense, wonderful scene from HBP illustrated.  I was only too happy to oblige.  Really.

Contains spoilers.  Did I mention the spoilers? )

You know what's great?  Croissants.  With cheese, ham and tomato.  *munches*

ETA: For those days when your fandom is kerfuffling, there is always fandom_wank. I expected this would happen, but I didn't expect to derive so much amusement from it. So I made an icon to commemorate the occasion.


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