Feb. 23rd, 2014

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I just got the nicest feedback for "The Princess of the Dragon Flats"! It comes via FF.net, where I've been posting it in parts, the site having baulked at the full 34,000 words. (10,1000 seems to be about the limit.)

I feel like this is one of those stories that easily slips under the radar; I'm glad I let curiosity get the best of me. In reading this I realise how much I've needed this kind of Lin-centric story. Your interpretation of her character is strong and engaging, and so too is your depiction of Republic City and its facets. The story is moving along at the just the right pace and I really am interested in the mystery that is Megumi. Despite the fact that we haven't met her yet, she feels very tangible as a character in this world.

Looking forward to future chapters and I hope this story garners more attention from readers. It's definitely worth it and I appreciate what it offers to stand out amongst all the rest.

I'v received several lovely pieces of feedback for the fic, but that there is exactly where I wanted the reader to be at this point in the story. I hope she enjoys the rest of it!
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If anyone wants to listen to me ramble semi-coherently about Doctor Who in a podcast, you can do so here! We recorded it back in November, so naturally I spent most of December thinking of much funnier and cleverer things I could have said instead. But it was a wonderful time, and I was extremely flattered to be invited to join the Splendid Chaps.


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