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[personal profile] attackfish tagged me for this meme, and it is EXCELLENT, except I'm way too lazy to do the bit where I make up 10 new questions and tag more people.

1. Favorite place.

I am fond of libraries, book stores and my house, but choosing one specific favourite is HARD.

2. Favorite fanwork you made.

By a very long margin, "The Princess of the Dragon Flats". I mean, I know everyone goes for the one they did most recently, but I was really happy with the way it turned out. My previous longer fics have always dragged in the middle, and while the pace slows at a couple of points, I don't think this actually drags.

Additionally, I've been getting lovely feedback praising my attention to the tropes and nuances of noir and hardboiled detective fiction. This is especially great because my research consisted of: (1) reading a lot of Raymond Chandler in my early teen; and (2) reading a bunch of essays about features common to the less well-known hardboiled detectives. (Which is how I discovered that a considerable portion of such characters have disabilities as a result of WW1. This cemented my plan to make it a story about Lin without her bending, permanently as far as she can see, and also The Thing That Happens At The End.)

(I did just re-read some Chandler while plotting out the possible-sequel-if-I-ever-have-time, and realised that I did make one genre/setting booboo -- Chandler's detectives drive everywhere, and the car is really important to every aspect of the plot and setting. Whereas I have Lin driving very little, and the plot actually depends somewhat on Republic City's public transport systems. Oooops.)

3. Classical novel you wish you never read.

I can't think of any classical novels I regret reading, but I do wish I could wipe my memory and read Pride and Prejudice for the first time again. I was given an abridged and bowdlerised copy when I was about seven, and I've often wondered what it would be like to read the original and not know how it ended.

4. First fandom.

Officially Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I was engaging in fannish behaviour about kids shows and my mother's soap operas for as long as I can remember.

5. Do you collect anything? If so, what?

Postcards? Here in Australia -- this may be universal, IDK -- cafes have stands of free postcards, some of which carry stylish advertising and some of which are art prints. I have a whole box of them, along with the many, many postcards I buy whenever I'm in a museum or art gallery store. One of my vague plans for this weekend is to actually put them on my wall.

6. Favorite book/movie/tv show/whatever you never managed to be fannish for.

There are lots of things I love without feeling fannish, but I guess the big one is the Marvel Movieverse? I like it, I have lots of opinions about it, I very occasionally read fic, but I've never felt compelled to make anything myself, and I often Tumblr save it just because I get tired of the same faces.

7. Favorite season of the year

Spring and autumn!

8. Mountains, or ocean?

Ocean. It's probably an Australian thing, but I don't like living more than an hour's drive from a large body of water.

9. Has there ever been a book/movie/tv show/whatever that was so bad you couldn't stop watching?

The Last Airbender. Man, that was so bad, but it was like a scab I couldn't stop picking. I couldn't seem to stop myself from first ~acquiring it, and then torturing myself by skipping through scenes. (It didn't help that I have a longstanding crush on Dev Patel, and he and Sean Toub were actually doing decent work with terrible writing.)

Finally I persuaded [personal profile] weaverandom to come over and watch it with me, but that kind of backfired, because she was driving, so we couldn't drink. We made it nearly all the way through, but then Yue said, "We need to show the Fire Nation that we believe in our beliefs," and the DVD player just went, "Yeah, nuh" and died.

(Speaking of Yue, Seychelle Gabriel also worked very hard at not being terrible, and it's really depressing how the few actors of colour were so much more talented than the white kids playing whitewashed characters.)

10. Ice cream, cake, or pie?

This is a big call, but while I was in Canada, I came to the conclusion that pie is the best dessert there is.

Of course, then I found out I'm gluten-intolerant, and I've yet to find a GF pie that isn't terrible, but I still stand by my assertion.
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Finding myself awake at 4 am this morning, I checked my email. I had two pieces of anonymous feedback on an Avatar fic I posted ... last year? The year before? Anyway, when I woke up again at 7, I had two more reviews from the same anon:

 photo ffnet_zps6f12e897.jpg

They go from the bottom up.

First, I had to ask what "lemons" means. (It's a now out-of-vogue term for smut, apparently, mostly popular in anime fandoms.)

Sadly, there's no way of communicating with this anonymouse. Otherwise, I would say the following:

1. The fic is ended. It had a high rating for violence and an arranged underage marriage. Nowhere did I promise "lemons".

2. You're right, that was a weak ending. But not because of the lack of citrus fruit. Even if I did a "remake", it wouldn't be smutty.

3. I was not aware that having over 20 reviews meant I was now taking orders.

4. doesn't even allow explicit fic!

5. Aang is, like, 13 in this fic! Are you some kind of pervert?
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And I'm having some feels. (They don't get to be feelings until I can articulate them a bit better.)

If you're interested, I wrote a slightly spoilery account of my reaction over at my shipping Tumblr.
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...only I often find my first lines don't stand all that well on their own, so I'm being self-indulgent and doing first ... bits.  Lines, paragraphs, whatevs.  Includes completed stories, early drafts that were sufficiently different to get a separate file, etc.  Going by the date the GoogleDoc was last changed.

Here is a cut tag! )

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I like this meme a lot, I just don't do it very much because I have enough trouble making time for my monthly round up of books!

What are you reading now?

Re-reading The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.  [personal profile] violetisblue mentioned buying a copy, and I was overcome with the desire to read the whole series again.

I appreciate how Gen is, as Ambiades puts it, "not exactly stalwart".  He's a great big whinger, and as much as I cringe a bit, I also like that he has no intention of being the Stoic, Brooding Hero. 

I missed the actual get-together, but I put The Thief in my RL book club's hat, and no one liked it.  *shakes head*

What did you just finish reading?

1.  Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Search (part 1) -- actually, I cracked and read a scan last week, but I finally managed to buy the last copy in Melbourne last night, and it turned out the scan had missed a bunch of pages, so there was stuff I hadn't read yet!  IT WAS VERY EXCITING.

Basically, after I read the scan last week, I had feels-related insomnia, and then I had FEELS all the way from Tokyo to Melbourne.  Feels, not feelings, because they weren't articulate enough for that ings.  Mostly they are Ursa feels, but also Zuko and Azula feels, and my usual vague desire to set Ozai on fire.  Although I really like the way Gene Luen Yang writes Ozai and fleshes him out without softening him, like the secret chamber that's full of artifacts from other cultures.  If it was Iroh, you'd think he was interested and wanted to learn, but because it's Ozai, it's more like a serial killer's souvenirs, only his victims are entire cultures. 

I haven't sought out the general fannish reaction, because [personal profile] unjapanologist said it was stupid, and I have enough problems with Doctor Who fandom at the moment.  Remind me to make a post about how not liking a writer's tropes doesn't mean it's okay to decide he's a paedophile. 

2.  Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Assimilation2 -- I accidentally bought volume 2 instead of volume 1, 'cos I'm an idiot.  But I read half of volume 1, so I knew that the Borg and the Cybermen had formed an alliance, and the TARDIS had turned up on the Enterprise-D for wacky crossover shenanigans. 

I found the writing pretty clunky and exposition-heavy -- I strongly feel that if the heart of the TARDIS inhabits Data, that should be a crowning moment of awesome, not an afterthought -- and there was this weird thing where Starfleet officers addressed Amy as "Miss Pond" if she was on her own, but Amy-and-Rory were "Mr and Mrs Williams".  Which mostly takes me back to the time in 2000 when I caused great offence on a mailing list by suggesting that women would have stopped automatically taking their husband's names by the 24th century. 

On the other hand, the art -- hand-painted, although some of the photo references were a bit too identifiable -- was amazing, and completely justified the purchase.  And I would happily buy some of the covers as posters.

What do you expect to read next?

The next three Queen's Thief books, and then I have some more Japanese crime fiction to read.  I didn't love The Devotion of Suspect X, but I'm optimistic!
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Just take it for granted that anything I post here for the next few months will have an invisible header containing apologies for late news, busyness, etc. 

Anyway, the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange was a thing that happened!  My favourite part of it is surreptitiously refreshing the comm on my phone at work, waiting to see what gets posted next. 

I requested fic about Lin and Tenzin during the years when they had a (mostly) functional established relationship, and if my recipient could throw in some adventures, that would be ace.  In return, I got the wonderful "why live on the edge when you can jump" by [personal profile] dropsofviolet, in which Lin and Tenzin FIGHT CRIME.  And the crime is pretty clever, too, and based on a real one. 

Writing-wise, I produced:

"Joint Operations" for [personal profile] attackfish (Lin/Iroh, PG-13), in which the United Forces have to provide support to the Republic City Police Department in the wake of the revolution, and that means Iroh has to work with Lin Beifong.  I had some trouble with the prompt, and wound up sort of just reducing it down to its bare elements, that is, that Lin and Iroh share a great deal of professional respect, even when that isn't necessarily extended to each other's organisations. 

If I'd had more time and energy, I would have written something longer, in which they actually solved crime and fought bad guys together, but that wasn't to be.  And anyway, why would the Chief of Police and a military general be getting their hands dirty when there are all these highly trained professionals about?  Anyway, for the record, the opening scene was inspired by The Killing III, and the musings on the inappropriateness of using military forces to police a civilian population came via The Wire

Secondly, as a pinch hit, I produced "Training" for [personal profile] silly_cleo (Ikki, Jinora, PG-13).  It was really hard to choose between her prompts, because they were all great -- one was for Lin/Pema/Tenzin!  YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT SNUGGGLEBENDING! -- but once again, time was short -- I only had one free afternoon to write this -- and the idea for this small Ikki fic entered my brain and refused to leave.  If I ever have spare time again, I'm totally going to illustrate it. 

And that, for me, was [community profile] white_lotus done for the year again.  Frustratingly, I've been in a mood to write fic lately, but haven't had time.  Even though I've totally figured out what happens next in the Private Detective AU. 

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This week, at the behest of [profile] suburbannoir, I started watching Breaking Bad.  (We have a thing where I watch one of her favourite shows, she watches one of mine, etc.  Last year I watched The Wire for her, and she watched Babylon 5 for me.  SHUT UP, THEY ARE TOTALLY COMPARABLE.)

Anyway, I'm only four episodes in, but it's the internet, I've seen pictures from future seasons and whatnot, and I already know that Skyler is the very worst character in the history of storytelling (on account of how she's a woman, and has opinions, and expects to be treated with respect, as far as I can tell), and according to The Guardian, the whole show shamefully appropriates the drug culture of people of colour (and only PoC) and turns it into a white middle class fantasy, and worse, isn't even an accurate depiction of the meth industry! 

(Which I can vouch for.  I've transcribed cases involving meth cooks and users, and either way, the transcript tends to come out looking like this:

SUSPECT:   ...(INAUDIBLE)... fuckin' ...(INAUDIBLE)... cuntin' ...(INAUDIBLE)... fuck - - -

And let me tell you, I am SHOCKED and APPALLED that television, of all media, would enhance the truth.)

The actual point, however, of this post is this:


Yep. Good luck getting that one out of your head!  And don't do meth.  It's legit nasty.
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A couple of years ago -- literally, I'm talking 24-26 January 2011 -- I did a rough sketch of a cranky, butch girl!Zuko.  (I have some feels, apparently, about rule 63 stuff that makes the female version of a character ultra!femme and often the victim of sexual violence.) 

Shamelessly egged on by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, I then wrote "You Had A Boyfriend (Who Looks Like A Girlfriend That I Had In Èr Yuè)", in which Zhao is creepy and Zuko is the queen of bad decisions.  Which, come to think of it, makes that complaint about rule 63 versions being subjected to sexual violence seem kind of hypocritical, though I'd argue that (a) there is no actual violence, and (b) hey, at least Zuko isn't banished because she's a pregnant rape victim like most of the other versions.

This week, among many, many other things -- ask me some time about my to-do list.  NO, DON'T, IT WILL TAKE ME TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN -- I've been going through my old sketchbooks, and found what looks like follow-up art to that fic, moving girl!Zuko into season 2.

Image behind cut. )
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I got the BEST [community profile] white_lotus assignment. I've been walking around for a week or so thinking, "Man, there really needs to be more [INSERT THING HERE]. Why doesn't that happen, except for [INSERT REASONS WHY FANDOM OVERLOOKS AWESOME WOMEN]? Oh wow, I have actual ideas! I could write that if I had ANY TIME EVER! I shouldn't commit myself to anything new when [community profile] white_lotus is coming up and I have a fic to edit and a WiP to complete, and also a novel. Oh well!"

And then my assignment came, and it was all, "Oh, Liz, you should totally write [INSERT THING HERE]! It's so great, Liz. You're so great."

(That last bit probably didn't actually happen.)

Now I get to write [INSERT THING HERE]! ...just as soon as I get my Christmas parcels mailed (LAST MINUTE EXPRESS!), and my new computer system sorted (WINDOWS 8, YOU ARE PRETTY, BUT YOU ARE DUMB) and my 40 gig of music put in order. Oh yeah, that involves figuring out iTunes 11. What the hell, Apple, what the hell?



Dec. 6th, 2012 07:13 am
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My ChicagoTARDIS post! Featuring Chicks Unravel Time, the back of Burn Gorman's head, and people being wrong about Star Trek: Voyager, which is an impressive feat at a Doctor Who convention.

And, switching fandoms:

[community profile] white_lotus's annual Lunar New Year Exchange is now open for sign-ups! This is the only fandom exchange I ever participate in, but I love it -- it consistently produces really good fanworks, and I'm curious to see what it comes up with now we have Legend of Korra to play with.
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Is not yet released in Australia (which is weird, since the first two came out bang on time), but there are scans here. And I'm in the minority, though with rather good company, since I agree with Racebending that that was pretty great. In fact, their review is pretty much my thoughts all over, especially their framing of the Gaang as former child soldiers. It covers pretty heavy ground for a comic aimed at children and skewed slightly younger than the series itself, and does it quite well. Naturally, therefore, fandom hates it and is calling for Gene Luen Yang to be fired/assaulted/etc.

(Tumblr, man.)

Spoilery stuff about Zuko and Mai; TL;DR everyone is wrong. )

Have reservations re Azula, though; [personal profile] terajk more or less sums up my feelings in general about disability in AtLA and Azula in particular.
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Conversation between me and [personal profile] weaver:

Me: "Why are so many Mai/Zuko artists really into whitewashing? Is it to spite me personally?"
Her: "Probably."

I mean, okay, by "so many" I mean "a group of young, super-talented artists whose Tumblrs alternate between really amazing art and really terrible art that uses Justin Bieber as a model for Zuko, and posts that run, 'OMG HDU ACCUSE ME OF WHITEWASHING! IT IS SO RACIST TO SUGGEST JUSTIN BIEBER MIGHT NOT BE ASIAN! THEY DON'T ALL LOOK ALIKE, YOU KNOW."

I ain't linking, because I'm pretty sure some are under 18, but it's bringing me down, man.
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Luckily vomitbending is just one of Katara's skills.
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Spoilers up to LoK 1.09 )

Having said all that, I'm quite forgiving of fandom being WRONG, because Tumblr has decided that Zuko's daughter is named Honora, and frankly, with ideas like that, I just can't stay mad at you guys. 
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A Certain Justice - P D James
The Killing - series 1 and 2: the best of the blog - The Guardian
Death in Holy Orders - P D James
The Murder Room - P D James
A Brief History of Montmaray - Michelle Cooper
The FitzOsbornes in Exile - Michelle Cooper
The FitzOsbornes at War - Michelle Cooper
Among Others - Jo Walton
Fields of Gold - Rachel Swirsky
Messy - Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Feed - M T Anderson
Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Promise (part 2) - Gene Luen Yang

Pretty much a mixed bag, but you've already heard my feelings about Among Others!

Definitely the highlight of the month was the Montmaray trilogy by Michelle Cooper. Like Among Others, it's historical fiction written as the diary of a teenage girl. Unlike Among Others, it's actually convincing, which is odd when you consider that the Montmaray trilogy is basically an Enid Blyton adventure with more social realism and gay people. Montmaray is a tiny fictional island kingdom roughly between England and Spain, and as the story opens it has less than ten inhabitants: the royal family and their four servants. Then there are Nazis! And everyone evacuates, and the self-sufficient, rather rough and tumble royals have to assimilate into upper-class English society! Even though the eldest princess is a socialist bluestocking who gets into fights with Oswald Mosley, and the crown prince is gay, and the middle princess is a sweet, clever girl who learned all the right lessons from Machiavelli, and the youngest is a semi-literate tomboy!

I kept reading along, going, "THIS SHOULD BE TERRIBLE! WHY IS IT SO GOOD?" (and it's true that the superficial terribleness of it all kept me from reading it for a couple of years), but I think it works because the main characters are so down to earth and funny, and also, in a world where the Mitford family exists, a ragtag group of minor royals stumbling through the Season and getting into fights with the Windsors seems fairly plausible. I didn't think the mood could be sustained through WW2, and it's true that I kept having to put The FitzOsbornes At War down while I had a little cry, but the story and the ending were very satisfying.

(I should also mention that Cooper is an Australian author, and now I totally have to read her other YA novel, The Rage of Sheep, but also the Montmaray books are available from the Kindle store now, and are being released in hardcopy in the American market with very pretty Cecil Beaton-style covers.)

Other than that, I really enjoyed Messy, which is the follow-up to last year's Spoiled, and has slightly less nutritional value than the chocolate-with-pop-rocks-and-jelly-beans on my desk, but it's terribly fun to read and makes me think of a contemporary Daria.

And, just to go for the minority opinion, I really enjoyed part 2 of "The Promise". Spoilers! )
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Having recovered somewhat from the overwhelming badness of Among Others, I moved onto attempting Mira Grant's Deadline. I say "attempting", because it's the second book in a trilogy I had otherwise decided not to read, and while I had to give it a go, I promised myself I could stop if I really hated it.


To sum up: the Newsflesh trilogy is set in a sci-fi zombie apocalypse dominated by pop culture references that are already outdated now. (Strike one.) The protagonist in the second book has his dead twin sister living in his head, but that doesn't save him from being deeply annoying. (Strike two.) And then someone (thankfully) warned me that the trilogy's OTP are siblings. (Strike three.)

It wasn't HOLY SHIT, THIS IS BAD! on the scale of Among Others, but the little bit I read killed any desire to read any of Grant's other work ever.

Quick, potentially triggery rant about fannish attitudes to incest and also RL abuse. )

I'm now trying to read Ray of Light by Brad R. Torgersen, one of the nominated novelettes. I say "trying" because, while it's technically good and all, so far it suffers from All The Female Characters Are Symbols And Archetypes Syndrome, and also a bad case of PrecociousInnocentChildItis. I'm beginning to wonder if this year's nominations are actually an elaborate attempt at trolling.

Something I did like! I'm on a couple of YA panels at Continuum -- I also came third in the short story competition! -- so I've been catching up on some YA sci-fi. (I have to say, the contrast with the adult-oriented Hugo nominated novels is striking. And I'm still convinced that the really interesting stuff is being written for teens.) Really enjoyed Feed by M T Anderson, even though it is full of things I usually avoid -- cyberpunk, douchebag male protagonist who learns an important lesson from a borderline manic pixie dream girl, etc. Mostly because it is so well written that it turns the cliches inside out and into interesting origami shapes, and is also short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome. I'm not saying that I was crying on the train as I finished it, but ... yeah, I was totally crying on the train.

As long as I'm kicking lots of popular genre works, here are four more unpopular opinions:

- The actress who played Sif in Thor was really embarrassingly bad...
- ...and Darcy is kind of not that interesting to me
- Korra/Asami is possibly the most boring f/f pairing on the entire planet, and I'm sure I have good reasons for believing this that aren't just "They get in the way of Korra/Lin"
- it kind of skeeves me out that so much of the Korra/Tahno fan art on my dash puts Korra in a stereotypically feminine nurturing role

OH YEAH, and I'm also on a Continuum panel about vidding! So I should probably maybe go watch some vids? Said panel is at 11pm Friday night, btw, so if you come -- it's gold coin entry on Friday! -- maybe bring me some Red Bull, because I turn into a pumpkin at 9.30.
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My new favourite review ever, for "Bent", the commentfic where Long Feng brainwashes Azula into domestic marital bliss with the Earth King:

So much better than cannon!

Yes, heaven knows brainwashing and underaged non-consensual marriage is MUCH better than mental illness!

On the other hand, there's also the review that wonders how this could even happen, unless Azula were somehow brainwashed...
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What I need is epic longfic about Zuko and Mai's descendants grappling with the future and their family's legacies. With cameos from Lin Beifong and Katara and Aang's kids. Including the story of how Zuko and Mai's granddaughter ran away to Republic City as an act of rebellion, and wound up spying on Amon by posing as an Equalist posing as a pro-bending groupie, and probably ends up the second person in her family to have their bending taken away.

I'd write all this myself, but it requires energy and a lack of headache, neither of which I have right now, and also, while I can use my laptop now for some things, the optimum position for typing is incredibly uncomfortable.
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The current meme is the one where you look at your top 10 stories on AO3 by hit count and draw conclusions accordingly. (If you did the same meme last year, you can also compare, but I'm pretty sure I didn't.)

Leading the pack at 673 hits (240 more than the next ranking fic) is Solution. Call me cynical, but I can't really say I'm shocked that 650 words of explicit boyslash is in first place. It's not even especially good, having been dashed off for the AtLA kink meme and given a cursory edit, but there you go.

On the other hand, the rest of the top 10 is an interesting mixture of femslash and OC-heavy kiddie fic. In fact, fics #2 and #3 are both Tophzula -- "Inheritance" and the high school AU, "Core Skills" Both of these were comment fics, I think from the same "prompt me" post. I'm trying not to draw too many unflattering conclusions about the fact that my top 3 fics are essentially flash fics.

Number 4 is where it gets odd: "Firstborn Son", a Russell/Holmes babyfic from 2006. And number 7 is "Shabbos", a kidfic/case file/family dramaaaaah from the same series. Either Sherlock is sparking interest in other Holmes pastiches, or I'm getting a boost from [profile] bnharrison posting her own fics with the same OC.

Between them, we have "Another Life-Changing Field Trip" (Zuko/Mai/Toph, again from the kink meme), and number 6 is Yet Another Damn Flash Fic, "Daring Rescues Our Specialty". It was the very first Tophzula fic I ever wrote, and while I'm fond of it, I feel like it deserves to be overtaken.

Number 8: "You Had A Boyfriend (Who Looked Like A Girlfriend That I Had In Er Yue)", my girl!Zuko/Zhao fic. I'm pretty proud of this fic, and pleased it's in the top 10. (It's also the first AtLA fic in the list that went through what I persist in thinking of as a "proper" writing process.) A het genderswap fic with a bisexual protagonist isn't something I'd have expected to be popular.

Fic 9, "The Weight of the World In Her Hands". Mary Russell, a resolution of sorts to the events of LANG written well before GOTH came out. When I say I prefer this version to what we actually got, it's more an indication of how unimpressed I was with GOTH than anything else. *mimes sharkjump* I'm still interested that Russell is in my top 10 at all, let alone three fics in that fandom.

And, finally, number 10 is "Family Reunion", which was technically commentfic, only the scenario had been in my head for so long that all I needed was an excuse to put it on the page. It's yet another OC kiddiefic, in this case Zuko discovering his mother had a third child after her banishment. The whole concept is so self-indulgent that I'm still shocked whenever I get kudos for it. Maybe it's a sign I should write my id more, I don't know. I like stories about children and siblings and inherited problems.

The shorter meme: boyslash predictably popular; everything else kind of unexpected. I was quite interested to realise that my Tophzula series is actually quite popular in the general scale of things (the general scale of things being a comparison with my fics in general, not the fandom as a whole or on AO3). I wouldn't have predicted that for a non-canonical f/f pairing, but there you go.

(Here is a casual mention that the first third of the Epic Tophzula has been edited and posted at AO3, sort of on the down-low in case I wind up going back and rewriting parts of it. But I haven't had any energy to edit, let alone write, for a few weeks, so the rest will be slower in coming than I'd like. ENDINGS ARE HARD.)


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