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1. On Skaro, no one cares if you scream. A mash-up of the Alien trailer with "The Daleks".

2. So today is the first day of the Armageddon pop culture expo, which is the closest Australia gets to a big media con like Comic-Con. Originally the guest line-up included JMS, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman.

Then JMS and Pat Tallman cancelled.

Then Claudia Christian pulled out.

"Fine!" I thought, "I'll just go and be creepy at my OTP!"

Then, Wednesday, Mira Furlan lost her passport. So ... it's just Boxleitner.

I have an autograph token, which is probably good for about 30 seconds of conversation. I've spent the last couple of days training myself not to blurt out anything about his blinding white teeth, his ex-wife's tell-all autobiography or his weird resemblance to Bill Clinton. And hopefully I'll manage to not tell him he was the bland, conventionally attractive centre around which all the really amazing acting happened. ([personal profile] indeed reckons I should just ask to touch his teeth. WE'RE GOING FOR NOT-CREEPY HERE!)

Perhaps I'll just ask if the stunt people inside the Kosh costume suffered very greatly from their inability to turn around in confined sets.

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[profile] suburbannoir and I got up to "Between the Darkness and the Light" last night.  Her reaction to the ending was ... Okay, spoilery. )

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[profile] suburbannoir and I are into the fourth season of our B5 watch.  It's pretty epic.  Maybe I should have warned her that, in watching the sequence set on Centauri Prime, she is now spoiled for I, Claudius?  Oh well. 

I always forget about Delenn's selective relationship with reality.  It's like she spends the entire series smiling and being demure and quietly rearranging the universe to suit herself.  The best bit is how I'm not even sure how aware she is of what she's doing.  But if there wasn't that ambiguity and element of delusion, I probably wouldn't love her so much.

Spoilers through to the end of the series. )
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I'm currently watching Babylon 5 with [profile] suburbannoir.  She's never seen it before, and is impressively unspoiled considering (a) it's almost 15 years old and (b) I talked about almost nothing else a couple of years ago.  This leads to great moments, like her late first season theory that Delenn was building a chrysalis for Sinclair.  (I KNOW, RIGHT?  AMAZING.)

Now we're just past the halfway mark in season 2, and have come to the realisation that, quite early in the season, Delenn and Kosh obviously got together and made a bet about which of them would be the first to seduce Sheridan.  Kosh was a little disadvantaged at first, not really being in a position to invite him to dinner and turn up in a slinky dress, but then it turned out that Sheridan really goes for the whole Mysterious Entity of Mystery thing.  But now Delenn's pulling ahead again.  But obviously the solution is for them to share. 

(There is still the mystery of why these representatives of advanced and alien species would go for Sheridan, of all people, but he does have remarkably shiny white teeth.)

Tumblr does not seem to have a Texts From Babylon 5.  THIS IS A PROBLEM.
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"You had no right to touch the Shai Alyt's body" = Neroon will never, ever forgive Delenn for getting there first. That is my fanon, and I am sticking to it. SO THERE.
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"What do they want?"

"To destroy all life that is not their own.  They believe only they have the right to exist in the universe.  That all other life forms are inferior, and must be exterminated."

I'm just saying, Babylon 5: Thirdspace would have been vastly improved if the Gate had opened and millions of Daleks had emerged.

Other than that, it was very dull, lacking almost entirely in Minbari, Narns, Centauri and the rise of fascism in the EarthAlliance.  In fact, I started watching it some months ago, and only finished it tonight because Doctor Who left me in the mood for more space archaeology.

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Spoilers need to hug Amy, because she's amazing. )

Someday I am going to write the B5 crossover that involves River finagling her way onto the Icarus to check out Z'ha'dum.  Because she would.  Her and Benny.  Approximately two-thirds of the staff of IPX are actually from the future, but they all think they're the only ones.  And it's going to be terribly awkward when the Doctor(s) starts coming back to pick up his misplaced archaeologist friends.

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Title: Objectivity in Motion
Summary: For Lennier, it's one repression too many.
Rated: PG-13
Notes: Set during "Objects at Rest". With thanks to [personal profile] cesario for her beta.

Lennier quickly regretted his offer to help Delenn pack. )

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Nicked from [personal profile] eponymous_rose: When you see this, post summaries and/or snippets of some of your most recent works in progress.

Three B5, one DW. I fear that 2010 will be no more productive than 2009. )

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A thought I had while watching "War Without End": the problem I was having with the Sheridan/Delenn relationship was that he's all human and sort of bluff and soldiery, and she's much more intellectual and sort of ethereal. But then there was the bit where they were walking down the corridor of the White Star with Sinclair, and I sort of blinked and the world shifted.

Sheridan and Delenn are Ron and Hermione. This, sadly, leaves Sinclair to be Harry; he is appropriately Destined, but Daniel Radcliffe could act Michael O'Hare into the ground. (On the other hand, some people might consider the HP series improved if Harry had mysteriously vanished early on -- transferred to Beauxbatons, for example, until such a time as he could be sent back to help found Hogwarts. This idea is 100% Snape approved.)

Anyway, having come to this significant realisation, I can now rest happy and ship them properly. Although, I like to believe that Lennier occasionally sends Sheridan copies of Improving Works of Minbari Philosophy, and Sheridan looks at them for a minute, then passes them on to Marcus.

Also, I did watch "Walkabout" and "Grey 17 is Missing", but I fast forwarded through all the bits with Franklin or Garibaldi. I don't have much use for Franklin at the best of times, but I can't help thinking that On The Eve Of A Devastating War is not the time to go, "Actually, I'm having a spiritual crisis. BRB, appropriatin some culture nao!" I know there were Circumstances, but still.

Then I watched "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place", which was sort of awesome for the Londo-G'Kar fake-out, and the bit where Delenn is all, "I maked you a war fleet", and Sheridan's like, "OKAY I HAS TO KISS YOUR FACE NOW".

I was less enthralled by the bit where the reverend goes, "BTW, Sheridan, she loffs you. Idiot". At first I was all, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" But then I had flashbacks to Rusty the Shipper Dalek. Turns out that Doctor Who has left me violently allergic to scenes where outsiders observe Obvious Truths about pairings. But then there was face kissing, so that was okay.

ON A TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE: Bella Swann/Albus Dumbledore. The House o'Squid ships it. Do you?


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