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I haven't completed a vid in aaaaages, but I have the urge. Of course, I vid rarely enough that every time I try, I find I've gone and changed operating systems, and have to start all over from scratch.

(Why isn't Sony Vegas available for Mac? It was such a NICE program. Then I found a site that said Kdenlive, the delightful Linux video editor I used a few times, was available for Mac ... and it is, but via some high-level workaround stuff. I just want to vid, dammit!

Anyway, my n00b level question -- when you real vidders talk about clipping, what do you mean? And what software do you use?

What I THINK you mean is that, before the vidding begins, you go through and cut out the clips you want to use, so you're not sitting there with ENTIRE EPISODES or ENTIRE MOVIES in your video editor when you're making the actual vid. Is that the case? Because it certainly seems like an easier way to go about it. But what software do you use if you're on a Mac? Or am I heading off in the wrong direction all together?
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As many of you probably know, I'm on the committee for Continuum, a Melbourne science fiction/fantasy/genre convention held annually in June. (Some of us are currently fighting to extend "genre" to "TV series about ballet". So far the rest of the committee is dubious.)

For the last two years I've run a vidshow, but this year, in addition, I wanted to screen vids based on Australian source (either visuals or music or both). I will accept both premieres and existing vids, in any format that will play in VLC. (Higher quality is better, for obvious reasons, but don't feel you need to go overboard.)

Content-wise, my vidshows generally have a blanket "choose not to warn" status, and I'm pretty much open to anything. Except talky face and wrong aspect ratio. The only limitation is that the video and/or music must be Australian.

Of course, that can be a grey area! For example, most of Baz Luhrmann's movies are filmed here, but Strictly Ballroom and Australia are the only ones that are actually set in Australia. (OTOH, an overview of his entire work would count.) Crowded House counts, because it was formed in Melbourne and 50% of its original line-up were Australian. (But we can't nab Lorde, much as I'd like to.) Don't even get me started on the problem of Farscape. My totally arbitrary preference is in favour of flexibility, but, you know, to a point. (OTOH, I would absolutely accept a Miranda Lawson vid.)

Deadline is Saturday 31 May, any time zone, and submissions and suggestions can be sent to
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Open Adobe Premiere. Realise you have no idea how to use it.

Watch lots of tutorials. Realise you still have no idea.

Realise it won't open avi files properly. Realise it needs an AviSynth script.

Read lots about AviSynth. Realise you have no idea how any of this works.

Fondly remember nice, straightforward vidding Ubuntu vidding software.

Read more about Premiere and AvySynth.

Throw tantrum. Install VirtualBox to run Ubuntu and nice, straightforward vidding software.

Post to DW, wait for next thing to go wrong.
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I frequently have ideas for vids, and some of them I squirrel away in case I ever find myself with lots of free time, and also source, and also skill and patience.

Every now and then I hit on something which needs to exist, but I don't know enough of the source(s), and I'm not dedicated enough to familiarise myself with the material and then sit down and make the vid. But I really, really want to watch it.

Which is to say, this song exists. It's catchy as hell, and kind of on the nose for a multifandom superhero vid, but in that way that, if done right, would really, really work. For some reason I am picturing the Marvel movieverse, but also DC, and especially Robins and Batgirls. For your consideration and inspiration.

(Also, the female vocalist is Bill Oddie's daughter, so now I need to go and have a moment with my Goodies DVDs.)
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Reveals for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange are up, so I can take responsibility for the following:

Title: Evidence
Recipient: [personal profile] avendya
Characters: Mai/Zuko
Summary: Reputable historical sources prove that Fire Lady Mai’s activities were confined to the traditional duties of the Fire Lord’s wife. Of the so-called history popular among women, the less said the better.

Title: Ambition
Recipient: [personal profile] yifu
Characters: Ursa
Summary: Ursa has plans for her future. So does her father.

Title: Somewhere in the Middle
Recipient: [personal profile] noldo
Character(s)/Ship(s): Mai, Mai/Zuko
Music: "Attagirl" by Bettie Serveert
Prompt: [personal profile] noldo asked for fic about Mai's political ideas and motivations, or possibly a vid about Mai being awesome. This attempts to combine the politics with the vid; whether it succeeds is ... well.

Additionally, I produced five fic(lets) in response to yesterday's prompts. They need a bit of a polish before they get posted anywhere else, but for the curious:

Heart of Stone: Toph has a challenge for Azula.

Social Dynamics of the Air Bison, or, Appa Thinks Aang Is Way Too Nice For His Own Good: Aang thinks it's time for Mai to make friends with Appa.

The Airbending Master: There's a difference between teaching a technique, and restoring a culture.

In Which Mai And Toph Are Not Remotely Ladylike: In soju, veritas.

Family Reunion: Shamelessly, a sequel to "The Scribe". Zuko thought finding his mother would make his life easier.

...this would probably be a convenient time to casually mention that in my heart and mind, "Ambition" falls into the same little world as "The Scribe" and now "Family Reunion". Apparently, although I can handle multiple futures and stories for Mai, and Zuko, and Iroh, and pretty much anyone else, all Ursas are as one to me. (Even the AU versions whose fics haven't been written yet, like The One Where Ozai Did Kill Zuko, and The One Where Ursa Killed Ozai As Well As Azulon.)

It's actually a bit awkward, because this path can only end badly, but at the same time I don't want to stop. So, um, try not to snigger too much when I'm in hearing. *eyedart*
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Azula/Ty Lee: hey, if Nickelodeon Magazine wants me to ship them, I'm not going to argue.

Also, [profile] bnharrison linked me to this vid, which manages to have talky face and STILL be amazing. (Possibly talky face is just one of those hazards of the job with cartoon vidding? Rather like OldSchool Who?) Anyway, it inspired vague thoughts about the following:

(a) Christian music is surprisingly good for vidding, because the metaphors we use to describe God can become remarkably literal when paired with genre footage. Or, Liz is still a bit amazed that "Late, Great Planet Earth" by, um, a band whose name she can't remember wasn't actually written about a Dalek invasion.

(b) I think I like Zuko because he hits the same narrative kink as Snape, ie, a man with great potential for both good and evil who has done and may go on to do terrible things, but who is scrabbling his way towards redemption. At the same time, their Epic Emo is undermined by the way the narrative has NO RESPECT for their inherent dignity, so they end up spitting and flailing as Sirius Black/Aang* escapes under their noses.

(c) Vids are great, aren't they?

* NOT a pairing I want to see in fic, thanks.
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Yesterday, after a slight hiccup where I kept grabbing my Windows 7 installer disk, then wondering why it was trying to install Windows instead of Ubuntu, I made the switch to Ubuntu-land.

Here's a screenshot! )

So last night, I watched Whale Rider, about which proper thoughts shall come, and it was such a beautiful movie that I was immediately inspired to find me some vidding software and keep going with the Amy Vid of Doom. (And, once I get that done, I can go back to the Delenn Vid of Doom And Pain And Agony.)

(Actually, what I really wanted to vid was Whale Rider, but I don't yet have a song, and I feel like it's something that will require more than 20 minutes of thought, being a story centred around a tribal culture with which I'm not all that familiar, and also it's from New Zealand, and we Australians have this tendency to appropriate all the nice bits of NZ for ourselves. And, um, Russell Crowe. So if I'm to vid Whale Rider, I need to know what I'm talking about, and do it really, really well. Anyway.)

I've been reading a lot about vidding in Ubuntu, and [personal profile] beccatoria left some helpful comments that sent me back through her own posts about switching OSs. These are the applications I've tried so far:

- PiTiVi is the default editor that comes with Ubunu. It's very much in its early stages, and lacks even basic features. I may give it another look in a few updates' time.

- OpenShot is widely recommended as the ideal Ubuntu equivalent to Windows Movie Maker. As it froze as soon as I opened it for the first time, I'm inclined to agree with that assessment. It seems like a solid, basic program, and has an impressive array of effects. Unfortunately, these don't include fade in/out, which I overuse at every opportunity. Nor does it do that thing WMM does, where it automatically breaks your imported files up into smaller clips. That feature was the entire reason I stuck with WMM so long, dammit! I'm keeping OpenShot around in case the effects come in handy, but at this stage, I don't want it to be my main program.

- KDenLive is a non-linear editor with a heap of features and effects, which I may some day understand. It's currenly the contender for Liz's New Vidding Program, on account of how it's highly functional and not totally counter-intuitive. On the other hand, it also doesn't do the handy clip-cutting business. I LIKE MY CLIPS TO COME IN HANDY BITE-SIZED CHUNKS, DAMMIT! Anyway, as far as I can tell, to clip an episode into bits, you have to first put it on the timeline, so really, what you end up with is a timeline full of crap. This vaguely offends my sensibilities, and seems difficult to manage. Not impossible, I presume, since the world is full of people who have successfully mastered Video Editors That Aren't WMM, but dammit, learning things is HARD, and the tutorials are not entirely helpful.

On the plus side, it does have a really handy feature where you use a slider to determine just how much you want to alter the speed of your clip. No more Benny Hill-style double speed shenanigans for me! I think that once I get this clip issue sorted, I'll really enjoy this program.

In other, totally separate news, the cat is currently trying to bury himself inside my bag of fresh laundry. He's purring like a motorboat as he attempts to excavate a nest inside a pile of socks and knickers. Is it because they're warm? Or was he just offended that I removed all the cat fur from my black shirts?
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I've reached the point with my fic where I don't really want to go on until I've gotten someone else to look at it, but that would involve first cleaning up the bits I've written, which is like actual work.

And then I remembered all the vids I've had in my head lately, and [personal profile] fan_eunice has been making a vid a week for Doctor Who for the last few weeks, and they're all really good, which fosters the delusion that it's easy.  (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.)  So I downloaded Windows Movie Maker (it doesn't come automatically packaged with Windows 7; you're supposed to go and download Windows Live Movie Maker, which is exactly like WMM only without any of the features that make it useful for vidding.  Instead, I grabbed the Vista version of WMM, which is fine, only they've gone and upgraded it, so now it looks DIFFERENT, and that's HARD.)

Anyway.  I trimmed my song, because, while I love you, Tori, I don't need a long period of silence at the beginning of my song.  And I'd have taken out the really, really long piano solo at the beginning, too, but I couldn't seamlessly lose that, and I didn't want to just fade in a lot later, because there's a bit I like, and ... well, yeah.  So I did all that, and I imported my video, and ripped some DVDs, because my copy of the first season of B5 was in a format that WMM didn't recognise. 

SOME HOURS LATER, I had 20 seconds of vid.  And that was great. 

Only, I've had this thing lately where I wanted to do a vid with sections of just blackness.  Which is Terribly Wanky Indeed, but it worked in my head, and seemed okay on the timeline.  Only then I did a quick test export, and found that the .5 of a second of blackness bits were all distorted in the final product.  I did take them from an extended fade-in at the beginning of an episode; possibly it was just a data blip.  I'VE BEEN VIDDING A BLIP.

So now I'm going through [community profile] vidding, reading up about transitions and whatnot.  I may have to try some experiments with jpgs.  Why can't it just be easy, like the way it looks in my head?
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Fandom: DW ("Blink")
Song: "Close to You", Iain Bellamy version from Mirrormask
Format: WMV
Size: 15.8MB
Notes: Oh, come on, like I was going to pass this up.

Download: "On the day that you were born, the Angels got together..."

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Fandom: Doctor Who
Song: "Superstar"
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Format: WMV
Size: 15.12MB

Madame de Pompadour. "The Girl in the Fireplace".

"I saw my first angel, and it was you."

For those who are not WMV-enabled, it may also be viewed here.
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Song: "Late Great Planet Earth"
Artist: Plumb
Format: WMV
Size: 16MB

An AoG/Doomsday vid. I cannot express the satisfaction I feel, knowing that the vid that's been in my head for weeks actually exists. It tastes like ... success.

"...the sky is falling..."


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