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Okay, that was scary.  Well done, show.

Spoilers! )

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Note: this post contains a lot of animated gifs.

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Apologies to anyone who got spoiled in the time between posting this and noticing I'd messed up the cut tag!

Spoilers think it's the light fitting )
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(Apologies if anyone saw this and was spoiled before I fixed the cut tag!)

Spoilergeddon, dark lord of all. )
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There was exactly one word in this episode that I didn't like.  ONE. 

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It's not that this was a bad episode.  It was just that it was better when it had Sarah Jane Smith and her band of plucky kids. 

Spoilers have no amusing lines to be part of. )
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Spoilers will feel a tingling sensation and then death. )

In short, those were my FEELINGS.

In other news, the swelling on my ankle has finally started to go down a little.  I'm going back to work tomorrow, which is a bit of a terrifying thought.  I'm seriously wondering how feasible it is to get off the train, then take a tram for the single block that takes me uphill.  But then I'll have a downhill walk for most of a block to get to the office.  Damn.

And I cracked the 10,000 word minimum on my Avatar Big Bang yesterday.  Only it's a stupid minimum and I think I'm only about halfway through the story.  And oh look, rough drafts are due on August 31.  Fortunately they accept detailed outlines, and then you have another two months to finish the thing.
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So, yes. That happened. I think I'm overstimulated.

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Non-spoilery: was it just me, or was this episode difficult to watch? In the sense that I couldn't see what was happening on the screen, I mean. It might have just been the time of day and the angle I had my screen, but in the end I had to close the curtains and turn off all the lights, and I was still having trouble following events.

Spoilers call it decommissioning )
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Well, that was ... well, that was an episode of a TV show, about which I have some opinions. I think.

Spoilers would shoot eight for you, honey. )
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Spoiler-free review: I laughed. I squeed. I may have something in my eye.

Spoilers are trying to get something for nothing. )

Now, I was going to do a trailer picspam (RIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!) but I have to shower and get ready for Another Day With Family. Ah well, tomorrow, perhaps.


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