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Title: The Good Daughter
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin; Opal; OFC
Rating: All-ages

Summary: Nima confronts her mother in Zaofu.

Notes: "Old Wounds", the President Beifong AU version (sort of).

'I saw you talking to Mom earlier. Do I have to apologise again?' )
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At long last, the new LoK graphic novel that picks up directly where the animated series left off.

This was meant to arrive at my local comic shop on Wednesday, and I had basically blocked off a whole evening to have FEELINGS ... only the shipment was delayed, so I wound up staying longer than planned at a work function, accordingly drank more wine than intended, and ended up listening to Hamilton and texting my mother about the American Revolution.

Then the book arrived yesterday Thursday, and I'm not saying I was so excited I had a blood sugar crash as soon as I had finished it, but I did have to make an emergency stop at my local for a burrito and a pint of cider, and spent much of that meal frantically texting my friends.

'He'll wallop spoilers with a knockout blow!' )
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Title: Diplomatic Channels
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin and Korra
Rating: All-ages

Summary: Korra asks the United Republic to intervene in the Water Tribe civil war. The answer is complicated.
Notes: The President Beifong AU hits the actual presidential stuff, and also canon; this is the AU take on scenes in "Peacekeepers", with extrapolations from the "North & South" graphic novel.

Korra didn't need Varrick's help to get a meeting with the president, but he insisted on accompanying her to City Hall anyway. )
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Title: Detour
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin/Tenzin
Rating: All-ages

Summary: A few months ago, Lin was a promising young police officer. Now she has to find a new path.

Notes: Set in the same AU as "Avalanche". It's called the President Beifong AU on AO3, even though I haven't really gotten to any of the presidential stuff yet. This fic comes with thanks to multivitamins and praticamente-innocua, which between them gave me the strength to start recovering from The Cold I've Had Since March.

While the welcoming party's attention was on the Avatar, Lin climbed gingerly down from Appa and all but collapsed in Tenzin's arms. )
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Title: The Birthday Party
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: OCs, Asami Sato, Lin/Tenzin
Rating: All-ages

Summary: Jade Beifong takes her sisters to Asami Sato's birthday party.

Notes: Set in the same AU as "Avalanche", three years later.

For Jade's twelfth birthday, her parents hosted a small party for a dozen of her friends from school. )
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"Okay, Liz," you say, "but we haven't actually seen Lin's bedroom in canon, so you're asking us to sit down and read your speculation."

No! I'm asking you to sit down and read my theory that we have, in fact, seen Lin's bedroom in canon!

Screencaps and theorising and possibly a bit of reaching within )
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Title: Avalanche
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin/Tenzin; OCs
Rating: Teen

Summary: Lin put her whole life on hold to move to the Southern Water Tribe and help protect the Avatar. That was three years ago, and she's ready for a change.

Notes: Sometimes I get a terrible idea that just won't go away. In this case, it was, "AU where Lin goes into politics instead of policing". That, of course, led to, "Um, self, what? How?" This is a bit of worldbuilding for that AU.

Content warnings for Children and Self-Indulgence. Many thanks to AmiraElizabeth for her support, comments and sketches, and Branwyn for her ruthless beta reading.

Read more )
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I finished my LoK rewatch on Saturday night, and I really don't know what to watch next. So I postponed the decision by sitting down on Sunday afternoon and listening to all the commentaries for Lin-heavy episodes.

Highlights )
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I'm up to Book 4 in my Legend of Korra rewatch (I can't believe it's nearly over!), and I'm struck by the similarities between Lin and her eldest nephew.

Hear me out, it's not just the hooded eyes and cheekbones that make me say this! Reasoning within. )
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I finished the AtLA rewatch on Friday night, and started LoK yesterday evening. IMPORTANT NEWS: Lin Beifong is an amazing character and I adore her, the end.

(And I'm not even up to the episode where she and Korra literally break a glass ceiling together.)
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Posted in full at: at July 21, 2016 at 01:20PM

Finally caught season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I still think that Rosa and Lin are basically the same person. 

Here is a sketch that illustrates this theory. )
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Title: The Rising Breeze
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and pairings: Lin/Tenzin, Ikki
Rating: all-ages
Notes: Sequel to "The Wind in the Dark", but you don't need to read that to follow this. As with the first fic, title is from a Vienna Teng lyric, but somehow I failed to write down which one. Self. Please.

Summary: Lin and Tenzin try to make it work; Ikki has mixed feelings about her father moving on.

Tenzin woke slowly, conscious of the spring breeze outside and the warm body beside him. )
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Probably not by coincidence, starting my new job coincided with a creative slump and a mild fibro flare-up. (Yes, the two are related!)

I am FINALLY emerging from both, thanks in part to my new habit of keeping a journal that tracks both pain and plot bunnies. I should be working on one of my novels, but what I've actually achieved is 1000 words of really schmoopy Lin/Tenzin where they are in love and trying quite hard not to repeat the mistakes of their youth, and also to not leave Tenzin's kids with any new neuroses, and also the world is kind of, "Really?" at Tenzin daring to fall in love again after his sainted wife passed away and all.

(Because I am a contrarian, I seem to end up with a lot of oppositional headcanons, one being that -- instead of regretting that Lin and Tenzin broke up and secretly hoping they get back together -- most people who know them greet the news of a reunion with feelings on a spectrum from Strong Concern to Setting Up Bomb Shelters And Organising An Intervention. Except Korra, obviously.)
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Title: After Total War Can Come Total Living
Author: LizBee
Rating: R
Notes: Many, many thanks to [personal profile] nonelvis for the beta. This was inspired just over a year ago by a piece of art posted by storyboarder Will Ruzicka, depicting a 50-something Chief Mako. Suffice to say, I had some feelings. Mostly, "Um, it's a shame about the age difference, Lin would be totally into that." Fic has, at last, happened. Title is from a 1943 advertisement that probably wasn't meant to sound totally terrifying.

Summary: Thirty-five years ago, Lin Beifong gave her life for Republic City. Except ... she didn't. Chief Mako takes his old boss out for a drink.

Mako gave orders that he was to be contacted if Beifong went near the spirit portal, but three weeks passed before he got the call. )

Meme of 7

Jan. 10th, 2016 08:44 am
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Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

From the Lin/Mako timeskip fic, where spirity shenanigans happen and the next thing Lin knows, it's 35 years later.

Regarding Suyin's run for the presidency of the United Republic, and the ugly bit of history that brings to light:

Mako shook his head.

"When that business came up, her opponents tried to put it all on you. Destroy your reputation, damage your sister's chances. Su told the truth, and Tenzin backed her up. And -- well, Toph made that choice a long time ago."

She nodded, slowly.

Mako added, "As for her legacy -- well, there's a new Beifong statue down at headquarters."

I tag ... NO ONE. If you are so moved, meme away.
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Title: Oasis
Author: LizBee
Rating: all ages
Notes: Set during the Book 3 finale. Apparently, in the last week of NaNo, I had a lot to write about Lin and her sister.
Summary: Pema overhears a fascinating conversation.

Su was saying, 'Look, what I said when we had that fight…' )
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Title: love, left out, gone to vinegar
Author: LizBee
Rating: all ages
Notes: Set during the Book 1 finale, because apparently I'm never going to be over Lin losing her bending. Title from "The Crow" by Dessa.
Summary: Su visits Republic City in the aftermath of Amon's revolution, and completely fails to learn an important lesson about her sister.

As soon as the newspapers said Republic City was stable, Suyin ordered her airship to be readied. )
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Posted in full at: at October 31, 2015 at 01:51PM

@actualmermaid​ tagged me!

In no particular order because I just finished tidying up my GoogleDrive so there are old fics at the top because they were the last to move.  

I like to interpret “first line” as “first line or whatever seems to make the most sense and produce a good effect, eh, I’m not the meme police.”


The first time Pema met Lin Beifong, Beifong had a black eye and blood streaming down her face from a cut on her cheek.



She hardly recognised him, lean and hollow-cheeked, greying hair pulled into a short ponytail.  He was clad in faded greys and blues, and if not for his pallor and the tattoos he could not quite hide, she might have mistaken him for his brother.


“They’ve seen us,” Beifong hissed. “Run.”

Mako didn’t need to be told twice.  He could hear them giving chase, but when he turned to see where they were, Kita swept up a dagger of oily water from the gutter and threw it at him.  He stumbled, pain blooming in his shoulder and chest, but Beifong grabbed him, keeping him upright.

It had been drizzling all night, but now, at the worst possible time, it started to rain in earnest.  Beifong pulled him into a narrow alley and said, “Did they see your face?”


The morning of the trial, they brought her uniform.  Lin dressed slowly, appreciating the feel of real clothes on her skin instead of a rough prison jumpsuit.  

It wasn’t quite the uniform she remembered.  The cable spools on the back had been removed, along with the metal bands on the sleeves and legs.  Even the buttons had been replaced with bakelite.  

Phuong, her lawyer, if she were here, would frown and say it was an insult, a demonstration of distrust.  Lin’s only reaction was disappointment.  After eight months in this glass-and-wood-and-bakelite cell, it would have been nice to touch metal again.

“General Beifong?  Are you ready?”


Huan liked to think that his creativity peaked between the hours of midnight and four in the morning.  He worked outside, inasmuch as any of Zaofu could be said to be outside at night.  At least it never rained, and his projects were always returned to their wooden plinths before the sprinkler system was activated at four-fifteen.  

His mother complained about the wet, grassy footprints leading from the back door to his bedroom, but affectionately.  She liked that he had a passion, and anyway, she wasn’t the one cleaning the floors.


If anyone had asked, Bumi would have said the days were long past when he had to worry about interrupting his baby brother in the middle of a romantic moment.  Years past.  Decades past.

No one had asked him, and no one had warned him, either, that there was a risk of (embarrassing, highly awkward) interruption, or that someone (presently lifting her head from Tenzin’s chest and giving Bumi a death glare) might go around rearranging the terrain on Air Temple Island in the middle of the night.


Zaofu, Pema decided, was a big, metallic, flower-shaped oasis.

It was the perfect refuge after the nightmare of everything that happened at the Northern Air Temple.  A modern, well-equipped hospital for Korra and Tenzin, an efficient security force if the remnants of the Red Lotus tried again, and Su Beifong’s personal estate had more than enough room to hold the various refugees – airbenders, Mako and Bolin’s family, Korra’s family … Meelo.  


Prince Wu didn’t stay on Air Temple Island for long after the revelation that the Avatar was missing.  He declared the dinner boring and set out for a nightclub, promising Mako a cocktail that would taste like his head was on fire, but in a good way.  Mako gave Lin a pleading look as he left. She ignored it.


“Look at that storm!” Meelo shouted.


Bumi waited until Tenzin and his kids had vanished into the crowd before he said, “So I’ve been seeing Lin, sort of.  Informally.”

Kya said, “By ‘seeing’, do you mean ‘sleeping with’?”


“Oh, Bumi,” she said, “that is such a bad idea.”


I tag … look, just do the meme if you want to.  Say I forced you if you need an excuse.

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Title: Gravity and Lin
Song: "Into the Spin" by Dessa
Warnings: cartoon violence, needles (acupuncture), fast cuts, white flashes
Notes: Vidding is easy, everyone should do it. *weeps quietly into wine*

Streaming at YouTube | Download (98MB mp4) from Dropbox

Lyrics and more detailed notes )
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Title: The Sisterhood
Author: LizBee
Rated: general
Spoilers: book 4 of Legend of Korra
Notes: So the idea that Zuko is Lin's father started out as a joke, and then I kind of fell in love with the idea, and now I can't see it any other way.

Summary: Lin wants something Izumi can't give her. 

The moment she stepped off the royal airship, Fire Lord Izumi, in defiance of protocol and family tradition, threw her arms around Chief Beifong. )


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