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Title: The Think Tank
Author: LizBee
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Eleven, Amy, Rory, Romana
Pairing(s): Offscreen Eleven/River
Contains: Spoilers for "Death of the Doctor"
Notes: I mentioned recently that I was having a hard time fitting Romana into Eleven's world. This led to a discussion with [personal profile] violetisblue, which spawned this.
Summary: Amy and Rory aren't thrilled that the Doctor has been taking secret trips without them, but it turns out that's just the beginning of things he hasn't bothered to mention.

If you've ever wondered what happens when Nancy Mitford encounters Attila the Hun, this fic will leave you completely unenlightened. )
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Author: LizBee
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Eleven/Romana, Amy/Rory
Genre: crack
Warning(s): Vaguely spoilery for all of season 5 so far. Contains, as the official censors like to say, Sexual References.
Notes: I blame Vali.
Summary: Amy and Rory's honeymoon is interrupted when they find a woman in a glass coffin.

Let's face it, Amy and Rory could never have a normal honeymoon. )
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Nicked from [personal profile] eponymous_rose: When you see this, post summaries and/or snippets of some of your most recent works in progress.

Three B5, one DW. I fear that 2010 will be no more productive than 2009. )

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Title: The Goddess Delusion
Summary: Romana's alive. In a way, that's the beginning of the problem.
Rated: PG-13
Notes: This was actually written in 2007, as part of a group project that was meant to be completed before season four aired. As you can see, that ... didn't quite work out. It has been quite comprehensively jossed, but if you're in the mood for some AU shenanigans, this is your lucky day. Or, you know, not. Thanks to my betas, [personal profile] cesario, [personal profile] prof_pangaea and [personal profile] violetisblue

On the Teaspoon.

Persons interested in a sequel (in which the Doctor and Romana are kidnapped by radical feminist pirates, and that's not even the beginning of their problems) should go haunt [personal profile] violetisblue's Teaspoon profile; she should be posting it in the near future. But I shall, of course, add a link when it goes up.
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Title: Balance
Summary: They took the long way back to Gallifrey.
Rating: G
Notes: This is set immediately after the third and final Key2Time audio. If you've not heard it, here is some context in the form of spoilers: So the Doctor and his companion, a human-shaped Tracer named Amy, are searching for the segments of the Key to Time. The Sixth Segment turns out to be Romana, who absorbed Astra's, um, segmenty-ness, at the end of "The Armageddon Factor". All of the segments are decaying; Romana is dying. By the end, the segments have all been restored, Romana is well again, and she's agreed to take Amy back to Gallifrey with her.

They took the long way back to Gallifrey )
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I just spent the afternoon watching Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. I think I've only seen it a couple of times. Not including the time I slept in the back seat while my parents saw it at a drive-through. Although that might have been The Search for Spock.

Anyway, I have made a very important discovery:

Separated at birth:

Photobucket and Photobucket

...It's more obvious when they're in motion. WORK WITH ME HERE. It explains quite a lot, if Saavik is a fobwatched Time Lord. Not least that time she regenerated into Robin Curtis. Obviously, some kind of event after "The Armageddon Factor" required Romana I to go hide out as a young Vulcan. Then she opens the watch and regenerates, but still maintains the Vulcan physiology and persona, until finally she returns to the TARDIS and regenerates again, into her blonde self.

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I watched "Dragonfire" this evening, for the first time since 1989.  It wasn't the first Doctor Who serial I ever watched (that was "Paradise Towers"), but it was the first to make a profound impression on my juvenile psyche.  Mostly because of this scene:


Twenty-year-old spoilers: 'I sympathise with your disappointment, but I'm about to plummet to my death' )

AND NOW, A MEME! [profile] peace_bloom asked me to discuss some icons:

I like all of Henry VIII's wives (except Jane Seymour -- no, I don't know why, she just annoys me), but Katharine Parr is my favourite.  She was the first Queen of England to become a published author, and encouraged Princess Elizabeth's intellectual pursuits.  She was sensible and clever, and survived a plot to dethrone her -- not to mention Henry himself.  Unfortunately, her next husband (whom she loved very much) was a douchebag who tried to seduce Elizabeth.  Katharine died in childbirth.  It's what you might call a monumental waste.

[personal profile] piecesofalice made this remark while we were watching "Warriors on the Cheap of the Deep".  Five's era is pretty beige.  It was the eighties, after all.  Beige broken up by big bright colours (Tegan's eyeshadow, usually). 

I like to joke a lot about Fivey being beige in personality, but he's actually quite complex.  Any decade now, I'll forgive him for not being Four.

This was made by [personal profile] derogative.  It's the most beautiful icon I have -- the colours are marvellous, and she looks imperious and a little sad, and very beautiful. 

This is from a Warren Ellis comic called Nextwave.  It only ran for twelve issues, and covers the, er, dubious adventures of a team of second-rate Marvel superheroes.  Ellis says: "It’s an absolute distillation of the superhero genre. No plot lines, characters, emotions, nothing whatsoever. It’s people posing in the street for no good reason. It is people getting kicked, and then exploding. It is a pure comic book, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. And afterwards, they will explode."

Anyway, my icon is a line from Dirk Anger, who is in no way a parody of Nick Fury.  He is over ninety years old, and once beat Winston Churchill in a hula hoop contest.  His psychological problems include misogyny, bulimia, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, depression, sadism, and a fixation on a flowery house dress that may have belonged to his mother (who may or may not have been Andrea Dworkin.) 

When he finally kills himself, he is resurrected as a zombie.

Someone said this on a messageboard, and it tickled my sense of humour.  I like to use it during very earnest ship debates.

From the Pigeon books by Mo Willems.  The Pigeon, for anyone who isn't familiar with this work of towering genius, is a bird with dreams and ambitions.  He wants to drive a bus, to eat a hot dog without sharing, to stay up late and have a puppy.  Because he is a simple pigeon in an unfair world, he is not allowed to do any of those things.  Look, you can make him a hot dog!
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For the last few months, Big Finish has been running a three-part sequel to the Key to Time.  The Fifth Doctor is conscripted as assistant to Amy, a human-shaped Tracer, and they race Amy's "sister"-Tracer, Zara, on a search for the Key to Time.  The stakes: the fate of the universe (for a change).  When I heard this was being planned, I got all huffy in a "And what was wrong with season 16, precisely?  Aside from all those things that were wrong with season 16?"  But then I heard Lalla Ward was in the final story, and somehow my objections melted away.  Yes, I'm cheap for Romana, what of it?

Anyway, "The Chaos Pool" is the story with Romana (among others), and I listened to it yesterday, and here is my squee.  It has spoilers! )
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So much rage, as you can see, I nearly forgot to mention it:

The E-space trilogy box set is late.  It was supposed to be at work on Thursday, and it's not.  This is obviously a plot against Romanafen, and I shall be writing an irate letter to several newspapers and concerned organisations as soon as I've perfected my tone of self-righteous outrage.
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[ profile] misscam gave me five things she associates with me, and now I get to ramble about them!

Book stores

"It must be lovely working in a bookstore," customers say occasionally, "you get so much time for reading!"

Yes! That's why, whenever you enter a bookstore, you'll find the staff lounging around with books in their hands.

Maybe it works differently in small, independent bookstores where carefully selected new titles share space with high quality secondhand books, and mellow alternative pop music plays, and there's a cat on the counter. (Although from what I've seen of those stores, they have fairly primitive point of sale systems, and fewer employees, so the staff probably work even harder than in a chain store.) But in my experience, we only get to read the books when we're putting them away, and by "read" I mean "the blurb", plus maybe a bit of a skim if it looks interesting.

Having said that, I love bookstores. I just find it difficult to browse in them these days, because I find myself eying up the displays, picking over the new releases, and sniffing at the staff reviews.

Romana rules the world

I'm not really sure Romana does rule the world, or that she should. Her time in the office as president of Gallifrey was marked by some pretty considerable fail, a lot of it her own fault. She would probably tell you it's the fault of the older, more conservative Time Lords who don't know a good idea when they see it. Occasionally I wonder if maybe someone at Big Finish was using the Gallifrey series to parody liberal politicians; also it has some dodgy subtexts re: women in power.

Despite her overwhelming fail as a politician, Romana certainly rules my world, as evidenced by the way I'm currently organising my budget to prioritise the purchasing of the E-Space trilogy boxset when it comes out next month.

I seem to return to the same themes and ideas in my Romana fic: motherhood, loss of identity, loss of background. None of these are particularly inherent to the character c.seasons 16-18, but they sort of fit the post-Time War universe. [ profile] prof_pangaea once suggested that I'm working towards some sort of uber-Romanafic, but I don't know what that is, yet.

Tim Tams

A Tim Tam is an Australian chocolate biscuit consisting of two layers of chocolate-malt biscuit, joined with a layer of chocolate creme, covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Maybe that doesn't sound like much to you, but it's bliss in a biscuit form.

I don't buy them very often, because I tend to eat whole packets in one sitting; also, while the Tim Tam is the better biscuit, I have fond childhood memories of the Mint Slice, which is of comparable price and quality.

If you don't mind a bit of mess, you can indulge in a Tim Tam Slam. This involves bitting off both ends of the biscuit, then using it as a straw to suck up the beverage of your choice. The usual options are tea, coffee and hot chocolate, but some prefer Baileys, and I once had a manager who said the best kind of Tim Tam Slams involved cheap red wine.

Bad summaries

When I think of bad summaries, I think of [ profile] mctabby, who came up with HP Summary Executions. I mostly think of a bad summary as a sign that there's a bad fic to follow, because if you can't construct, spell and punctuate a couple of descriptive sentences, what hope do you have with paragraphs?

Ironically, I have a lot of trouble writing summaries, and usually have to run my ideas past [ profile] cesario or [ profile] prof_pangaea to make sure I'm not embarrassing myself.

Sometimes I find mediocre fic more offensive than outright badfic. As mediocre fic is more common, this means I spend a lot of time being offended, especially if I've been doing the Teaspoon queue. Sometimes I read a mediocre fic, and I think, "You could have made this really extraordinary, and you obviously have the ability to do so, but you clearly couldn't be bothered. You obviously hold your readers in contempt, and I shall treat you with the same disrespect." Then I close the window.

Braxiatel in ur icons

My extra userpics expired last week, and I haven't had the money to buy more, but I was quite lucky to keep my Brax icon. To make it, I had to scan my "Panacea" CD cover in high-res, as it was impossible to find a large-enough picture of the cover online. (People seem to think Romana and Leela are the important aspects of the series. WHUT?)

Because I am lame, I also tried to make a Braxiatel cross-stitch pattern out of the cover for Life During Wartime, but it didn't work out.

For Unexpected Naked Brax, have a close look at the cover for "Mindbomb". He's standing in the background, but he's very small, and again you'd probably need the actual CD, or a high-res scan to see him properly. It's extra sneaky because Brax wasn't listed in the credits, nor was there the usual "Irving Braxiatel created by Justin Richards" note. But there he is, LURKIN IN UR ARTWORKS. Cunning, I know.
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Summary: Post-coital declarations of love are somewhat overrated.
Rated: R? What's a breast worth these days?
Notes: Self-indulgent Four/Romana fluff, contains at least one pun-like thing that would curl my betas' hair if they'd been allowed to see it.

'I really am rather fond of you,' said the Doctor, in an unexpected fit of post-coital affection.' )
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Title: Nor Grave Nor Bed Denied
Authors: LizBee and Branwyn ([ profile] cesario)
Summary: In the wake of the destruction of Skaro, Romana receives a visitor.
Notes: After seven months of intense writing, rewriting, procrastination and editing, [ profile] cesario and I have finally completed our Seven/Romana!  At last, a collaboration that doesn't involve an army of naked Snape clones.  Ahem.  As usual for anything involving (a) me, (b) Romana and (c) Daleks, a vague awareness of "The Apocalypse Element" may come in handy.

'She might close her eyes again, and wake to find herself in her old cell, still a slave cringing in the dark...' )

Art dump

Dec. 9th, 2008 01:28 pm
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I just finished a sketchbook, which means it's time to go through it and scan all the bits that don't suck.  These ... amounted to about half a dozen sketches.  Cut for one large image. )
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Title: Reason 42,876 Why You Can't Take Time Lords Anywhere
Authors: [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] nostalgia_lj
Summary: If they're not making sexual advances to aliens, they're almost certainly causing explosions.
Rated: PG-13, but the dialogue is mostly about alien sex, so, YMMV.
Notes: I <3 Nos.  She didn't kill me when I threw in a plot.

Is that a tactile appendage or a sexual organ?  )
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I'm on the verge of being done with my Gallifrey re-listen.  Which makes me a bit sad, because there's a whole world of Big Finish audios out there, but I've already listened to all the ones with Romana and/or Brax.  (Miles Richardson is apparently playing Iris Wildthyme's ex-husband in an upcoming audio, but ... look, there are depths to which I refuse to stoop.  This week, anyway.)

The rest can go behind a cut, since a few people on my flist are starting for the first time. )
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Possibly the greatest book I have ever bought, but then, I would say that.  (If you missed my post the other day, it was illustrated by Lalla Ward -- she did a lot of illustration work for popular pet books in the late '70s and early '80s, and nowadays illustrates Richard Dawkins' books.)  Naturally, I scanned some choice pics; she said in an interview that most of the cats were modelled on her own pet, and I think a few self-portraits snuck in as well.  The cat-to-human-size-ratio is really quite worrying. )
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Summary: The Doctor and Romana go to Martha's wedding.
Rated: G
Ships: Doctor/Romana, with a dash of Doctor/River and Doctor/Cameca.
Notes: I was complaining to cesario that I haven't been able to write anything for weeks, and she ordered me to write short, fluffy Ten/Romana in which they have just attended Martha's wedding, Romana was a bridesmaid, and Ten is collecting the rice.  Utter tweeness followed.

Rice! )

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Last night I continued with my Gallifrey catch up by listening to "Imperiatrix" and the "making-of" documentary that follows.  Mostly I was reminded of the extent to which Romana is a fail!President -- her response to a series of terrorist attacks on Gallifrey is to suspend the High Council and the chapters and declare herself dictator.  I suspect that the primary purpose of her presidency is to drive Narvin to drink.

Apparently, the only reason Brax was in the series at all was because Matthew Waterhouse had turned down a cameo in "Zagreus" and they decided to fill the gap with Brax.  Three cheers for Matthew Waterhouse.  May he continue to turn down roles forever.
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At [ profile] biichan's request, here is the commentary for my adult-rated One/Romana "Paradox Loop".  (The original is here.)

(Now I've got all my keys working except the C key, which is stickier than ever before.  FAIL.)


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