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Man, Sady Doyle is just firing on all two cylinders at the moment

I mean, I haven't managed to take Tiger Beatdown seriously since either Doyle or one of the guest bloggers unilaterally decided that Patti Smith didn't count as a female rock musician (...because she is insufficiently feminine), but it seems like every time Tiger Beatdown has crossed my radar this year, it's been failtastic.  Even when there's a good point to be made, it's lost in the sheer wankery that surrounds it.  You can only have one good female character in Harry Potter!  Not a single woman likes Moff-era Doctor Who

I mean, it gets embarrassing after a while.  These days I automatically think less of anyone who links to a Doyle or Tiger Beatdown article.  Because if nothing else, originality and she are not friends, so you can always find exactly the same point being made by someone else, in a way that isn't completely ridiculous.

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There's this Female Character Flowchart out there that I'm sure most of you have heard of already. If you haven't, let me sum it up for you: basically, all fictional female characters fall into stereotypes and aren't "realistic." [Or, Liz posted about it yesterday!] Also, this flowchart is done in a way that basically anyone can be crammed into one of their categories, as long as you ignore the more three-dimensional aspects of her characterization and focus on the most two-dimensional details available.

Seriously, people who are much more articulate than me have ranted on this subject and explained why it's such a bad thing. That's not what this post is about. You see, this post? Is simply a chance for me to go through my DW/LJ icons and post the ones that I have that feature female characters, whether by themselves, with other women, with men, or simply as part of a group (which wouldn't be whole without them).

Why? Because the thing is, these women are all awesome, in their own unique ways.

Hilariously enough, Dreamwidth's random icon chooser kept trying to select icons with male characters.

I like how you can map my obsessions by icon! )
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Taking the day off work to have my jaw checked out. As I spent three hours yesterday waiting for work to come, I don't think they'll miss me.

LET'S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ANNOYING! The Female Character Flow Chart. This is supposed to demonstrate whether or not a female character is "strong" or actually strong. What it boils down to is, DON'T WRITE WOMEN, THEY ALL SUCK. Which is probably not the feminist message intended.

I tried to trace along Romana, right? TV-canon only. Carries her own story? Yes. Three dimensional? NOT SO MUCH. Not a villain. Not a love interest. Part of the team. What is her role? Er, leader, voice of reason, token female, emotional core. Sorry, I can only pick one. Okay, leader. Does she want a baby? Canon has little to say on the topic, but "no" is not an option. THANKS, FLOWCHART! I choose "not right now". She does not get pregnant. She is not in a horror story, except for "State of Decay" (which leads her to being The Final Girl, such as that famously one-dimensional character, Ellen Ripley). Okay. Not in a horror story, right. She's not violent. Is she nearly perfect? Well, I'm a bit biased, so I'll go both ways.

We wind up with three options: Romana's either a Wise Crone (...what? She's in her second century!), a Mary Sue or a Damsel in Distress.

And that's a fairly simplistic character from a 1970s children's show. (OKAY, family show.) That that degree of multiple choices and oversimplification is necessary to make the flowchart work means it's not so much a commentary on sexism in storytelling, as a participant.

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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

And here I don't actually have an answer, because I haven't watched any new shows this season.

Actually, that's not true, I watched the first three episodes of V. And it was rubbish. Oh, and I watched the first episode of Luther, the new BBC crime mini-series with Idris Elba and Indira Varma and Paul McGann. And it was not bad, except that the main character keeps exhibiting violent rage when his estranged wife upsets him. And I thought I was coping, but then there were nightmares, and really, I just don't need that much triggering in my TV.

Also, once he figures out that [spoilery character] is actually evil on toast, it gets about 80% less interesting and 200% more misogynistic. So.

So yeah, I don't have a proper answer to this question. If you wait until shows are cancelled before you watch them, you can save yourself a lot of distress and disappointment, I'm just sayin'. Better living through spoilers!

UNRELATED POINT: one of the nifty things about what I choose to call miniskirtgate is people coming into posts and saying things like, "I don't care for Amy for [non-sexist reasons], but tearing down women in the name of 'feminism' is fail." And other people saying, "I love Amy and her wardrobes, but occasionally it seems exploitative, and that makes me uncomfortable."

Also, I really need to reread Pride and Prejudice, but, you know, one thing at a time.
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It's not about her being intelligent, beautiful and knowing it, witty, sexy and brave. it's about her being all those things... at the same time! Sometimes, it's just too much. (and the same goes for River Song)

So here is a brief and incomplete list of women who are "too much":

My mum
My sister
My sister-in-law
Great Aunty Jim
[personal profile] piecesofalice
[profile] surburbannoir
[personal profile] baggers
[profile] bnharrison
[personal profile] rj_anderson
[personal profile] dear_prudence
[profile] sajee
[personal profile] weaver
[personal profile] yiduiqie
[personal profile] danni
[profile] sister_ananke
[personal profile] violetisblue
[personal profile] ladyvivien
[profile] aerialgrrrl
[profile] binnessface
[profile] binkabookitty
[personal profile] tapedeck
[profile] icegemini
[personal profile] purple_smurf

So ... yeah. Fuck that noise. As some of the women on that list would sooner eat their own tongues than say. If misogynists hate and fear fictional characters, imagine how much more terrifying and amazing real people are. And those are only the ones I could think of before dinner.

In conclusion: PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig
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Last night at the laundromat, I started reading Princesses & Pornstars by Emily Maguire, an Australian book about sexism, pop culture and feminism.  It's quite good, but my timing was a bit off.  You see, I'd just spent the afternoon catching up on all the Twilight wank, and as I read, I had these little voices in my head going:

"That's just your opinion.  Not all of us can be strong women.  It's a romance, like Wuthering Heights or Romeo and Juliet.  You can't say anything until you've created a worldwide fashion trend.  You need to put your claws away and use your energy for something productive.  People worked very hard making those pornstar t-shirts for little girls, you shouldn't make them feel bad.  You'll understand when you're a mother.  Try again when you're as rich as Paris Hilton.  Go shave your legs, you ugly feminist."

(All sentences adapted from responses to Twilight reviews.)

Thanks a lot, Twilight fandom.  I had to put the book down and watch the spin cycle until my brain was back to normal.


I was woken up around one-thirty this morning by the sound of our new downstairs neighbours having a domestic.  As far as I could make out, she kissed a mate of his called Alec at a party, and she insists it didn't mean anything, but he was kicking her out.  Problem was, he wasn't on the lease, nor was he paying rent -- he was trying to kick her out of her own flat.  Eventually it got to the stage where he was accusing her of kicking and hitting him, and she was screaming, "Let go, you're hurting me!"  And that was when I called the cops.

Eventually I got back to sleep, and had nightmares about being on a bus tour run by murderers, and having to kill people to escape.  And seeing someone's heart ripped out while they stood in a queue at the bank.  I must have been clenching my jaw, because I woke up with sore teeth and a sinus headache.  Good times.  Good times.


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