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I was complaining to [personal profile] piecesofalice yesterday that I've read all the Russell novels now, and there's nothing new to look forward to, and it's not a fandom known for its good fic, least of all meaty case file fic, and now life is empty and full of despair.

(This is not entirely true! I finally got my hands on the first of Madeleine R. Robins' Sarah Tolerance novels via an inter-library loan, and they're really filling my need for cross-dressing lady detectives in dubiously historical settings. Though Miss Tolerance is from an alternate history Regency rather than the '20s; on the upside, this means there are breeches and swordfights, the latter of which which I've always felt was lacking in the Russell books.)

But this morning I remembered that last year I bought the Holmes-POV short story "Beekeeping For Beginnings"! Joy! Anticipation. I raced home and opened up Adobe Digital Editions on the laptop (and promptly started wondering if it wasn't worth buying it again from Amazon, since Adobe won't speak to my iPad), and - heh - "short story" - it's 12 chapters long.
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Especially if it's a fandom that you've already broken up with once, and it was amicable enough but you know this is just going to end badly, but you can't resist its shameless flirtation.

"Fanstalgia", maybe.

I've already conceived a new word today: "squeesomnia". When you have so much squee about something, it follows you into your sleep, and you keep waking up from bizarre dreams that are half-fic, half fragments of lost canon, and all crack. Can't complain, though -- the last two days have been the first in a while where I haven't woken up with jaw pain from middle of the night tension.

SUFFICE TO SAY, I have finished the two latest Mary Russell books. AND THEY WERE GREAT. Well, actually they were kind of a mess in some ways, especially Garment of Shadows, but they were just the kind of mess I like, rather like Russell herself.

Spoilers for The Pirate King and GoS )
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One (1) Sherlock Holmes pendant cut from British penny
One (1) bee charm


One (1) glasses charm (as in spectacles, not drinking vessels) in a matching, ie bronze-ish, colour

Necklace assembly is a legitimate expression of fannish love, or it will be if I can find a spectacles charm that doesn't involve cats-eyes or hipster frames.
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I was so disappointed in God of the Hive that I haven't even read the new Mary Russell book, and now there's ANOTHER ONE coming out! And it looks CRACKTACULAR with an option for good, so I guess I need to catch up.
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The current meme is the one where you look at your top 10 stories on AO3 by hit count and draw conclusions accordingly. (If you did the same meme last year, you can also compare, but I'm pretty sure I didn't.)

Leading the pack at 673 hits (240 more than the next ranking fic) is Solution. Call me cynical, but I can't really say I'm shocked that 650 words of explicit boyslash is in first place. It's not even especially good, having been dashed off for the AtLA kink meme and given a cursory edit, but there you go.

On the other hand, the rest of the top 10 is an interesting mixture of femslash and OC-heavy kiddie fic. In fact, fics #2 and #3 are both Tophzula -- "Inheritance" and the high school AU, "Core Skills" Both of these were comment fics, I think from the same "prompt me" post. I'm trying not to draw too many unflattering conclusions about the fact that my top 3 fics are essentially flash fics.

Number 4 is where it gets odd: "Firstborn Son", a Russell/Holmes babyfic from 2006. And number 7 is "Shabbos", a kidfic/case file/family dramaaaaah from the same series. Either Sherlock is sparking interest in other Holmes pastiches, or I'm getting a boost from [profile] bnharrison posting her own fics with the same OC.

Between them, we have "Another Life-Changing Field Trip" (Zuko/Mai/Toph, again from the kink meme), and number 6 is Yet Another Damn Flash Fic, "Daring Rescues Our Specialty". It was the very first Tophzula fic I ever wrote, and while I'm fond of it, I feel like it deserves to be overtaken.

Number 8: "You Had A Boyfriend (Who Looked Like A Girlfriend That I Had In Er Yue)", my girl!Zuko/Zhao fic. I'm pretty proud of this fic, and pleased it's in the top 10. (It's also the first AtLA fic in the list that went through what I persist in thinking of as a "proper" writing process.) A het genderswap fic with a bisexual protagonist isn't something I'd have expected to be popular.

Fic 9, "The Weight of the World In Her Hands". Mary Russell, a resolution of sorts to the events of LANG written well before GOTH came out. When I say I prefer this version to what we actually got, it's more an indication of how unimpressed I was with GOTH than anything else. *mimes sharkjump* I'm still interested that Russell is in my top 10 at all, let alone three fics in that fandom.

And, finally, number 10 is "Family Reunion", which was technically commentfic, only the scenario had been in my head for so long that all I needed was an excuse to put it on the page. It's yet another OC kiddiefic, in this case Zuko discovering his mother had a third child after her banishment. The whole concept is so self-indulgent that I'm still shocked whenever I get kudos for it. Maybe it's a sign I should write my id more, I don't know. I like stories about children and siblings and inherited problems.

The shorter meme: boyslash predictably popular; everything else kind of unexpected. I was quite interested to realise that my Tophzula series is actually quite popular in the general scale of things (the general scale of things being a comparison with my fics in general, not the fandom as a whole or on AO3). I wouldn't have predicted that for a non-canonical f/f pairing, but there you go.

(Here is a casual mention that the first third of the Epic Tophzula has been edited and posted at AO3, sort of on the down-low in case I wind up going back and rewriting parts of it. But I haven't had any energy to edit, let alone write, for a few weeks, so the rest will be slower in coming than I'd like. ENDINGS ARE HARD.)
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I read the new Russell novel over a week ago now (ebooks, man! The way of the future! Boos to the Sony eBookstore, though, which doesn't sell ebooks outside of North America. YOU'VE MISSED THE WHOLE POINT OF THE INTERNET, GUYS!), but I was holding off on doing a review until I could express myself in a medium other than flaily hands.

That day has not yet come, but I have discovered the code for sparkly text, and that's just as good.


SRSLY, aside from the fact it was probably the best in the series since MREG or BEEK, but with the wider resonance of JUST, I haven't had that much fun reading a novel since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I just looked over the chat transcript -- for I was talking to [personal profile] cesario as I read -- and it is most flaily. (One day I'll have to find the transcript from that time we read the leaked Deathly Hallows together. OH THERE WAS EXCITEMENT. And eyestrain.)

And now I have to wait a year until the next one, and it is VERY FRUSTRATING, although re-reading the whole series plus the Doyle canon does give me something to do with myself in the DW hiatus. (Because I was short of things to do, obviously.)


(Er, try me in a few more days for intelligent commentary.)
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Summary: Three days after her grandfather's death, Estelle wakes thinking of Shanghai.
Rated: G
Notes: Although I'm not normally in the habit of warning for character death and angst, this here is a warning for character death and angst. Because I ran the scenario past cesario, and she asked if I had somehow depleted my serotonins for this lifetime. Also, spoilers for The Language of Bees. Spoilery spoilers that spoil.

Did I mention the spoilers? )
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Title: Shabbos
Summary: Russell handles a series of domestic, religious and political crises with all the grace we have come to expect.
Warnings: Lemme see, soapy drama, offspring, multiple violations of the Fourth Commandment. (Unless you're Catholic or Lutheran, in which case it's the Third.)
Fandom: Mary Russell (Sherlock Holmes)
Spoilers: Erm... everything? Nothing?

( This here be a fake cut. )
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Title: Seasons
Author: LizBee
Summary: In 1931, Russell and Holmes return to California one last time.
Warnings: Rated 'O' for 'Offspring'. Also: Gratuitous Celebrity Reference.
Fandom: Mary Russell (Sherlock Holmes)
Spoilers: Locked Rooms, albeit location only.
Disclaimer: Russell is the property of Laurie R. King. Holmes is public domain, although it's probably only fair to name-check Arthur Conan Doyle.
Notes: Posted mostly because [ profile] cesario made me. She also persuaded me to use a summary that didn't include the term "wacky hijinks", on account of how it doesn't really have any.

Click on the cut. )

On a wholly irrelevant note, I'm still feeling the House love, but I have to ask. Do Chase and Cameron actually serve a purpose in the show, beyond being hot? 'Cos ... not so much feeling the love towards them. They kind of annoy me, actually.
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So, I have a meeting at university this afternoon, and I wanted to buy a USB stick while I was there.  I go into the city, and think, "I might steer through Pulp Fiction on the way!  Sure, there's less than a snowball's chance in hell that they have Locked Rooms so soon, and I've decided to put off buying The Hallowed Hunt for another week, but I can stand there and savour the genre novel smell!"

Off I go, through the freezing wasteland that was central Brisbane today.  Into Pulp Fiction.  Where there were a DOZEN copies of Locked Rooms behind the counter.  Special orders, of course.  All sealed up with rubber bands.  And people were BUYING THEM.  Three copies walked out while I was gaping.  And I didn't even have the common sense to mug them!  The rest of the books just sat behind the counter, and mocked me.  They were all lined up next to a book on Daleks, which I can only assume is one of life's dirtier tricks.

So I put my GREAT PAIN behind me, and turned to the science fiction/fantasy half of the store.  Where there is one -- just one -- copy of The Hallowed Hunt left, where last week there were several.  I picked it up to leaf through it -- nothing more, I swear -- when I heard the counter dude talking to his sales rep, who told him that further Bujold hardback imports might be a bit slower over the next few months.

So here I am, holding the last copy of The Hallowed Hunt in Brisbane, and somehow, I found myself standing at the counter, handing over the plastic.  How did that happen?  I can only assume that some kind of possession took place.  I certainly deny ALL responsibility.

I took one lingering look at the special orders behind the counter, but decided that I probably wouldn't be able to jump the counter, brave the Dalek book and get away.  So I made my mournful way down to uni, and attempted to ignore the buyer's remorse which was already descending.

At uni, I wandered through the campus bookstore, admiring the stationery -- I do enjoy good stationery; a good, plain, blue-lined notebook is one of my great joys in life, and I'm afraid that if you give me fancier paper, I just won't use it -- and checking out the price of the USB sticks.  They were significantly cheaper at uni than at any of the computer stores, of course, and I mentally reviewed the money in my bank account, came up with a positive integer, and bought one.  So now I can watch Doctor Who, or at least, I can transfer the raw .rar files to my brother's computer, and we'll see what amusing roadblock appears next. 

Went to the meeting, and came away stuffed full of enthusiasm for my course, and a vague desire to do at least one piece of assessment as a blog.  Bought pies for dinner, hopped on the bus and wondered why my buyer's remorse had now expanded, so it was roughly the size of a small continent. 

Oh yes, I remembered as the bus cleared Taringa, I did groceries this morning, too.  So I had less money in the bank than I'd thought when I bought the USB stick.  And thus less money for the rest of the week.  Bugger, bugger, bugger.

So I'm living on noodles and toast for the next few days.  Oh well, I think, at least I'll be well-entertained.  It was worth it.

Get home.  Share my tale of woe with [ profile] pieceofalice, who reacts with the usual mixture of sympathy and fear that accompanies these stories, and wonders if I'm feverish.  And then she reminds me of the USB sticks at Officeworks ... which are literally half the price of those at uni. 

Buyer's remorse: roughly equivalent to the size of Europe.

Twitchy desire to cancel life and spend week locked in room, reading: Powerful.

Fever: Rising.

Capslock: ...surprisingly not so much. 


Apr. 21st, 2005 02:08 pm
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So I've kind of been edging away from HP fandom for a couple of months, and while I'm sure it's temporary, something had to come in and fill the vacuum.  And this was the result.  And I hate doing the first fic post in a new fandom, so ... yeah. 

I might do a commentary for this, because I had lots of thoughts when I was writing.  But we'll see.

Title: Escape Routes
Author: LizBee
Summary: AU from The Beekeeper's Apprentice: Donleavy carries out her original plan of kidnapping Russell.
Warnings: Fade-to-black femmeslash, character death, a tentacle metaphor.
Fandom: Mary Russell (Sherlock Holmes)
Spoilers: The Beekeeper's Apprentice
Disclaimer: Russell and Donleavy are the property of Laurie R. King. Holmes is public domain, although it's probably only fair to name-check Arthur Conan Doyle. Notes: With thanks to [ profile] cesario, [ profile] prof_pangaea and [ profile] melwil for their most excellent beta work. Extra thanks for Branwyn, who put the idea in my head, and then made encouraging noises until I actually finished it. Blame her.

( Here, have a fake LJ cut! )


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