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It's tacky to boast about Christmas presents you gave to other people, but I was proud of this one. Remember the Inner-northern Melbourne Narnia AU? As thanks to [personal profile] selvage and [personal profile] weaver for such a great day, I made them this for Christmas.

I tried to get the full (giant) cast in, but man, just managing two people on approximately the same scale is a test of my limited skills. Not to mention drawing a horsehead for Aravis' shirt. Horses, man! Why do they look like that?

And then there was the internal debate about the colour of Lucy's hair, since Pauline Baynes completely contradicted Lewis's description of her as fair-haired. And my sad, sad inability to draw cats, even when Harvey is sitting right there. (Okay, sitting on the sketchbook was less than helpful. Thanks, nomcat.)

The point is that I made it, and I don't think it sucks much.
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A couple of years ago -- literally, I'm talking 24-26 January 2011 -- I did a rough sketch of a cranky, butch girl!Zuko.  (I have some feels, apparently, about rule 63 stuff that makes the female version of a character ultra!femme and often the victim of sexual violence.) 

Shamelessly egged on by [personal profile] sohotrightnow, I then wrote "You Had A Boyfriend (Who Looks Like A Girlfriend That I Had In Èr Yuè)", in which Zhao is creepy and Zuko is the queen of bad decisions.  Which, come to think of it, makes that complaint about rule 63 versions being subjected to sexual violence seem kind of hypocritical, though I'd argue that (a) there is no actual violence, and (b) hey, at least Zuko isn't banished because she's a pregnant rape victim like most of the other versions.

This week, among many, many other things -- ask me some time about my to-do list.  NO, DON'T, IT WILL TAKE ME TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN -- I've been going through my old sketchbooks, and found what looks like follow-up art to that fic, moving girl!Zuko into season 2.

Image behind cut. )
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Apropos of "When Extremes Meet", I said, "Where is Lin?" And [personal profile] unjapanologist said, "Lin is not in this episode because she's off to the Fire Nation and the Southern Water Tribe, to gather up Madam the Fire Lord and Kya. They will be this series' middle-aged Dangerous Ladies and swoop in and make Tarrlok and Amon piss their pants and run."


So I did. )
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I think I stole that title from [ profile] doctorwhy.

Art dump

Dec. 9th, 2008 01:28 pm
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I just finished a sketchbook, which means it's time to go through it and scan all the bits that don't suck.  These ... amounted to about half a dozen sketches.  Cut for one large image. )
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How much do I love you, show?  LOTS.  Even when Lis has set voice tremble to maximum.  LOVE.  And spoilers! And a rather large sketch. )
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DW Bookmark: Romana by ~lizbee on deviantART

Four uploaded to DevArt so far. Hurrah!
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Four and Romana by ~lizbee on deviantART

I just uploaded a whole lot of sketches to my DevArt account, for I compulsively draw while I listen to audio stuff. Any decade now, I expect to master hands.
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100% guaranteed to be incomprehensible to anyone who isn't familiar with my passion for the more obscure end of canon!

Also, a bit large. )
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I know it's been a while between silly cartoons.  You probably thought you were safe!  But no, I've just had space problems on my hard drive.  Contains all of the companions known to be in the finale. )
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1.  It would be a really bad idea to embark on a Draw Every Companion project, wouldn't it?

2.  Drawing in Photoshop is hard.  The brushes aren't quite right for it.  Or, more likely, I'm not very good and need practice, but still, I'm having brush issues.

3. Proof: Donna sketch. )
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[ profile] lydaclunas drew this on my graffiti wall in Facebook, and it's so brilliant I kind of had to share it with everyone.

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IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S NOT THAT FAR FROM THE TRUTH.  And it's a bit terrifying because there's, like, actual shading and detail there, and it's quite scary what [ profile] lydaclunas can do with a basic little online art thingie.

Irrelevant remark: I hope Amy Winehouse lives long enough to make another album.


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