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I don't know why I'm so tired, but I slept for eleven hours last night, and now I feel like a nap between breakfast and lunch would be quite nice.  And my cold is still hanging around; it's not debilitating, but it's frustrating to wake up every morning with a dry cough and a throat so sore my voice is gone.

I am feeling faintly annoyed, because I bought a new book on Henry VIII, The Last Days of Henry VIII, and it is not entirely satisfying.  It's not as frustrating, so far, as Alison Weir's biography of the queens -- which is quite good, except for all the sources she doesn't cite, and the sexism she adopts in the chapters about Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, and the weird contradictions like how, at the same time that Henry decides Anne B. wasn't a virgin when she become involved with him, Weir comes to the same conclusion, despite having argued otherwise a few chapters back. 

Anyway, this other book seems marginally stronger on the history, but has weird prejudices of its own.  Like a peculiar obsession with Henry's obesity.  Yes, he was grotesquely fat, but it's not actually that relevant to the executions he was authorising.  Also, I don't actually think Anne of Cleves spent even thirty seconds pining for Henry.  By all accounts, she had a long (by the standards of the era) and contented life of singledom, and should be held up as a role model for romantically uninclined women everywhere.

I really need a Tudors icon that I didn't nick from Showtime.  *opens Photoshop*

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I just filled out my three-month review form for work, while the kitten climbed up my back. He's pretending to be hungry, but as he has two bowls of his favourite foods sitting in the kitchen, I think he just wants attention.

Anyway, I feel fairly positive about my review, which is on Friday, although the manager doing it is the strictest and most arbitrary person on staff. (Not by coincidence, she's also the youngest manager, and the most recently promoted.)

As for New Year's Eve plans, I'm working tonight until seven, and then the House o'Squid is off to the House o'Cats to spend the evening with [ profile] peace_bloom and [ profile] sajee, drinking wine and ... well, I'm sure we'll come up with other things to do.

I shall return the copy of David Starkey's Six Wives that I borrowed months ago, too -- I just started the chapter on Catherine Parr, so I should have it finished in the very near future. How I hate Henry VIII. I know I've discussed this before, but I really hate him quite a lot. I've seen people argue that, by the standards of the age and the behaviour expected for kings, Henry was perfectly reasonable in changing wives the way normal men change their socks, but if that was really the case, it wouldn't have caused any scandal in Europe.

Mostly it just shits me off that Henry was married to two of the most brilliant women of the age -- Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn -- and completely failed to appreciate what he had. I fear I may have become an Anne Boleyn fangirl. It's terribly embarrassing.

Next, I'm tossing up between Alison Weir and Antonia Fraser's biographies of the wives. I'm inclined to go with Weir, purely because I find Fraser's writing a bit ponderous.

(I may also be drawing chibi versions of the Wives. I KNOW, I KNOW. If anyone can point me towards a really good online resource for Tudor female dress, I'd be most grateful. I haven't had time to look myself.)
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Dear [ profile] cesario,

A few months ago, I think I tried to persuade you to watch The Tudors, for the lulz if nothing else.  HOW WRONG I WAS.  You ignored me all along, and rightly, but let me just say, if the opportunity should arise, DON'T.  I care about you, and your mental health, and I would be quite sad if outrage caused you to explode, spraying your home with bits of brain and innards and eyeballs.  Sad, and slightly grossed out.

The rest contains spoilers. )
In short, though, the whole series is absolutely terrible.  I can't wait to start on season two!
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HOMG SO TIRED.  And I had this weird headache today, that manifested behind my right eye whenever I tried to look at anything.  Which was, as you can imagine, quite frequently.

I was so tired last week that I forgot to make thinky words re: Sarah Connor.  So, here you go.  Spoilers! )

And now, the one with the wee children and middle aged ladies and OMFGCLOWNS.  SJA: Day of the Clown, 2. )

Oh yes, and I'm still watching The Tudors, but I stopped doing picspams because they took a lot of time that could otherwise be devoted to cross stitch.  Apparently, Wolsey is offering sexual favours to Katherine's ladies-in-waiting, in order to turn them against her.  HE IS THE PIMPIEST PIMP THAT EVER PIMPED, I TELL YOU.

As for cross stitch, several people asked, and I was slack and didn't answer my comments.  So: I have framed my squid, although I really should have ironed it first.  [ profile] suburbannoir found the design here, bless her little red head. 

I had a bit of a problem when I'd finished the squid: finding my next pattern.  Most commercial patterns are hideously twee, or floral, or both.  (I'm not big on florals, no.)  And the stuff at Subversive Cross Stitch was not only crude in content (and generally not in a funny way), but far too simple.  It's no fun if there's no challenge!

So, I set about trying to make my own patterns, but learning how to do that effectively is going to take a while, and I wanted to do another pattern now.  *is five*  So it was a stroke of luck when I found these -- two free patterns based on 1930s shop signs.  The challenge is that they're all black, which is a wee bit monotonous, plus doing large stretches of one colour requires me to pay attention to counting.  I'm about a third of the way through the first pattern now, and it's very satisfying.

In other news, there's no opt-out for compulsory internet filtering in Australia.  Bah.
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In which the phallic frustrations of the court finally go too far.  46 images! One makes me giggle like a lunatic! More than usual! )
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One of the less-comfortable aspects of The Tudors is the extent to which it's a glorified exercise in watching beautiful women be humiliated and degraded by a powerful man.  That's the history, of course, and Henry VIII is a great argument for small-r-republicanism, but the show itself uses it as a marketing ploy, as you can see from the widget I grabbed from the official site.

I had assumed, foolishly, that the fandom itself would subvert this, just as fandom has always subverted dodgy text and unwanted subtext.  Imagine my facepalming when I discovered my first Henry VIII fangirl.  Because it's not Henry's fault he couldn't father boys, it's just that he never had true love with Mary Sue, and they'd have lived happily ever after and there'd be no need for those silly queens because her magic womb could supply sons.  SERIOUSLY.  (Also on a fic where Anne of Cleves is hooked on Harry Potter, Thomas More is possessed by the aliens from Stephenie Meyer's The Host and Katherine has LOTS OF ANGST.)

Here's a message for the fangirls of the world: Henry VIII != Edward Cullen. In his case, sparkling in the sun would be an improvement.

In short: fandom fails nearly as hard as Showtime.  And I'm still unable to reconcile my love for the crack of The Tudors with the misogyny.  And I just unwrapped a Fantale, and it had a biogaphy of Sam Neill.  DAMMIT, SHOW, I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOUR HOLD OVER MY BRAIN.
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In which no one expects the Spanish Inquisition King!  And Wolsey wears a pimping hat.  Cuttttttt! )


Sep. 3rd, 2008 05:34 pm
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Fannish misogyny bingo.  Doesn't have nearly enough squares.

Re-used costumes in Tudor and Elizabethan movies.

Cat eats with fork and chopsticks.  Its owner rates it at seven out of ten for table manners, but I'd give it a four.

Sarah Palin is a world of *facepalm*.  "She asked the library how she could go about banning books" ...because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. "The librarian was aghast." That woman, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn't be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire Baker for not giving "full support" to the mayor.

Speaking of Sam Neill (well, I would have eventually), I was at work this morning, and the conversation turned, as such things often do, to Sam Neill.  No, I don't know how that happened.  Anyway, we were discussing Sam Neill, and my co-worker said, "Oh yeah, he came into this store a couple of years back"


"Yeah.  I don't remember what he bought."

Then I went out, and vacuumed the hallowed carpet on which he did tread, although not literally since the store has been refurbished and recarpeted since then.  The vacuuming was real, though.

I actually don't know what dismays me more, that season 3 of The Tudors won't air until 2009, or that it will feature Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves.
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In the comments to my second picspam yesterday, a couple of people expressed amusement at Anne's "B" necklace.


It is, in fact, a replica of a real necklace owned and worn by Anne:


Okay, fine, the rest is going behind a cut: more about Anne's jewellery. )
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In which Buckingham gets his comeuppance, Wolsey schemes, More is emo and Henry VIII is curiously homo-erotic.  This recap has fewer, and smaller caps, largely for the sake of my sanity.

No naked feet this time, but we do see rather a lot of JRM's skinny chest. )
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I think The Tudors is pretty win in its cracktastic crackability, and here are some screencaps to demonstrate why. Lots of screencaps, actually. Over 50. I may have gotten a bit carried away.

This post includes screencaps of an adult nature. If you are disturbed by naked feet or Jonathan Rhys Meyers's skinny arms, do not click. )
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Okay, you all fail for not telling me that Sam Neill and Jeremy Northam were in The Tudors.  I love Jeremy Northam!  He's so handsome and dry and did I mention handsome?  Also, Sam Neill!  As Cardinal Wolsey!  Hanging around in the shadows and pursuing his own agenda and leaving behind an architectural/artistic legacy after his schemes fall apart!

Fine, so I wanted to watch it because there are so many vaguely Tudorish elements in Gallifreyan costume, and then I found myself looking at hi-res publicity pics from The Tudors and it was all so pretty, and then I realised that the series opens with Sean Pertwee being murdered -- I can't say that I didn't pick it up for purely nerdish reasons.  And I'm going to keep watching for purely nerdish reasons.  (Because I'm sure as hell not watching for the accurate depiction of historical events!)  But it's sort of fabulous in its own right, even though I hate Henry VIII and his many upholstery-based costumes.

The point is that I love Sam Neill, and his Wolsey is a scheming schemer who schemes quite a bit.  And I love Jeremy Northam even more, and there's a scene where he takes his shirt off and prays in Latin.  Shallow and easily satisfied?  Moi?  Um, yes please!


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