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I was hesitating over whether to call this a meme, and then I looked, and it's right there in the name.

It's been a long day, I have a headache, I tried to schedule the big Windows 10 update for just as I left work, but accidentally made it happen right in the middle of the afternoon, so I spent an hour today writing fic by hand. Beifongs. They have a lot of emotions. ("Punching" is an emotion.)

my thread here
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1. Your main fandom of the year?

Still AtLA/Legend of Korra, ie, exactly what it's been for the last few years! But, with new material in that universe limited to a handful of comics, I've enjoyed returning to fandoms past for brief periods through the year. 

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

That's a toss-up between Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond, with Rogue One a close third.

3. Your favourite book read this year?

THAT IS A HARD CHOICE. But according to GoodReads, I've read 84 books so far this year -- started a lot more, but as I blogged recently, it's been a difficult year for settling into and finishing books -- and I gave 24 of those books five stars. I'll probably do a full book post at some point, either here or at No Award.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's such a great show -- especially when you skip all the episodes you don't care about. Close second: Star Trek: Deep Space 9, which I watched through to the end for the very first time. 

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

I found a bunch of cool new people in LoK fandom, plus the friends I had there already. 

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Turns out that when people said DS9 was really, really good, they weren't lying!

I mean, I wouldn't call it better than TNG, because the two shows are completely different in terms of goals and contexts, and they complement each other so well that it's almost missing the point to set one against the other. And I was very disappointed in DS9's treatment of the female characters in its last couple of seasons -- obviously I was spoiled by Voyager, which was female-driven in a way that none of the other Treks have been. But it's very good! I'm glad I finally watched it all the way through.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

I got a few episodes into season 2 of Supergirl and realised it was no longer working for me. I was mad about the sidelining of James in favour of introducing new white guys, I missed Cat Grant even though I was horribly ambivalent about her, I find Katie McGrath a distractingly bad actor even when she's not trying to do an American accent, and the overall girl-power-optimism-cute-clunky-dialogue clashed so badly with my perception of the world that I just couldn't keep going. 

All of which is as much about me as about the show itself, and after the fourth week of finding myself live-tweeting "why am I not having fun?" I realised that I was probably stopping everyone else from having fun, so I ... stopped. I got to the first scene with Maggie Sawyer, and it was ALIVE and VIBRANT and AMAZING, and then the next scene was so flat by comparison, I really couldn't ignore my feelings. 

Anyway, I'll probably pick up season 2 at a later stage, but I'm more inclined to wait for it to hit Netflix than go through all the trouble of acquiring it through other means.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?

Draco Malfoy. Yes, I'm as surprised and appalled as you. He was just so great in Cursed Child! (Honourable mention to Scorpius Malfoy, the most precious cinnamon roll of all.)

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?

I remain faithful to Lin Beifong, as always.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

I was pretty happy that the Smoke and Shadow arc in the AtLA graphic novels ends with Mai single and on speaking terms with Zuko again! 

Other sources of squee: 
  • The grimdarkest timeline in Cursed Child
  • Actually, I spent a lot of Cursed Child wriggling in glee and sending happy texts to my increasingly exasperated BFF
11. The most missed of your old fandoms?

The Avatarverse fandom for sure. So much of the fic is (highly westernised) Korrasami college AUs, and that's not my thing at all. I miss having a wider range of fic (about characters and pairings I'm invested in).

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

Meh. I feel increasingly disengaged from the whole concept of fandom. 

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

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Your main fandom of the year? Still Legend of Korra and the Avatarverse as a whole.  I'm also dipping a toe into Star Wars, and expect to have a lot of feelings about Rogue One at this time next year.

Your favourite film you watched this year?  I didn't get to many movies, but I've seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice in a month, so I guess that's the winner!

Your favourite book read this year? Liu Cixin's Three-Body Problem was absolutely bonkers and I loved it.  I also adored Laurinda by Alice Pung and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.  It was a good year for books!

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year? According to Spotify, my top artists from 2015 were Dessa, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.  (That last because I mostly had "Wild" on repeat from the day I first heard it.)  But obviously I also have to mention the Hamilton cast recording, which absolutely blew me away even though I'm not into musicals or the American Revolution.

Your favourite tv show of the year? Ready for This, ABC3's delightful and almost perfect 13-episode series about five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids who share a house in Sydney as part of a program for gifted ATSI teens.  Every character was a perfect cinnamon roll, even the Token White Guy, and I was continually pausing episodes to tweet or text about how great it was. 

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Probably that obscure space movie series, Star Wars.  A work colleague sold me on The Clone Wars, and then obviously I went on to Rebels, and they're just great.  I mean, for a given value of great.  I just adore Ahsoka and refuse to believe she's not kicking back, alive and happy, by TFA-era.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? The MCU.  I was incredibly disappointed by the mediocrity of Agent Carter, and then Age of Ultron just decided to ... pretend a bunch of movies just didn't happen?  Because it's not like they contained important character development or anything?

Daredevil was interesting but dudecentric, Jessica Jones was great for (white) female characters but I didn't love the overall structure.  And then it came out that the government is cutting Screen Australia's funding and giving it to ... Thor 3? (And the next Alien movie.)  And I'm like, seriously, my tax dollars are going towards this?  At the expense of local works?

So while I know it will have even less effect than the MRA boycott of Star Wars, I'm not consuming any MCU products until that changes.  (And also doing more effective things, like Writing Angry Letters To My MP.)

Your fandom boyfriend of the year? I just sat here for five minutes, completely stumped by that question.  Pass.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year? Lin Beifong, same as every year. I am a one-cartoon-girl sort of lady.

Your biggest squee moment of the year? The Mai/Zuko pining in the "Smoke and Shadow" arc of the comics.  I mean, Zuko is pining, Mai refuses because THAT WOULD INVOLVE FEELINGS AND SHE'S NOT WASTING THOSE ON ZUKO ANYMORE, HONEST, FOR REALS.

The most missed of your old fandoms? I miss being excited about new Doctor Who -- my dislike for Clara and the gross subtexts that kept popping up in the second half of the season, including the finale, made it hard to enjoy this last season.  (Here is my rant about the final few episodes -- I like to pretend the season ended with "Face the Raven".)  

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? I have no interest in getting into a new fandom just for the sake of getting into a new fandom. But there are things I'm looking forward to consuming -- The Expanse, various books and TV shows, that sort of thing. 

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year? Going to Contact 2016 in Brisbane and squeeing at Ben Aaronovitch about Rivers of London/making him sign my Remembrance of the Daleks DVD cover; the new companion announcement for Doctor Who (please not another twenty-something white girl!); maybe actually finishing a fic one day, who knows?
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Been a while, eh? Here's what I've been doing in the meantime...

(Mostly my own stuff, reblogs only when I've added something of substance.  I mean, I figure you've all seen the stuff that gets reblogged already, right?)

Legend of Korra stuff

Post-finale (oldest to newest):
Pre-finale (newest to oldest because I forgot to order them!):

...everything else
Well, that takes us back two months.  You can probably get the highlights for the rest if you check my Lin Beifong tag.  I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM, I CAN STOP ANY TIME.  But also, did I mention I sold a short story and co-edited a book?

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Not soon, I hope.

Context: here and here, and I took a break from re-enacting popcorn.gif to talk serious business. (TW for sexual assault, child abuse, Marion Zimmer Bradley, etc.)

Apparently one of the decision-makers was 17, and another was 13, and I feel really bad for those kids, but I'm also really mad at the actual adults involved, who should be stepping up and ... you know, being adults and taking responsibility.
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As many of you probably know, I'm on the committee for Continuum, a Melbourne science fiction/fantasy/genre convention held annually in June. (Some of us are currently fighting to extend "genre" to "TV series about ballet". So far the rest of the committee is dubious.)

For the last two years I've run a vidshow, but this year, in addition, I wanted to screen vids based on Australian source (either visuals or music or both). I will accept both premieres and existing vids, in any format that will play in VLC. (Higher quality is better, for obvious reasons, but don't feel you need to go overboard.)

Content-wise, my vidshows generally have a blanket "choose not to warn" status, and I'm pretty much open to anything. Except talky face and wrong aspect ratio. The only limitation is that the video and/or music must be Australian.

Of course, that can be a grey area! For example, most of Baz Luhrmann's movies are filmed here, but Strictly Ballroom and Australia are the only ones that are actually set in Australia. (OTOH, an overview of his entire work would count.) Crowded House counts, because it was formed in Melbourne and 50% of its original line-up were Australian. (But we can't nab Lorde, much as I'd like to.) Don't even get me started on the problem of Farscape. My totally arbitrary preference is in favour of flexibility, but, you know, to a point. (OTOH, I would absolutely accept a Miranda Lawson vid.)

Deadline is Saturday 31 May, any time zone, and submissions and suggestions can be sent to
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Finding myself awake at 4 am this morning, I checked my email. I had two pieces of anonymous feedback on an Avatar fic I posted ... last year? The year before? Anyway, when I woke up again at 7, I had two more reviews from the same anon:

 photo ffnet_zps6f12e897.jpg

They go from the bottom up.

First, I had to ask what "lemons" means. (It's a now out-of-vogue term for smut, apparently, mostly popular in anime fandoms.)

Sadly, there's no way of communicating with this anonymouse. Otherwise, I would say the following:

1. The fic is ended. It had a high rating for violence and an arranged underage marriage. Nowhere did I promise "lemons".

2. You're right, that was a weak ending. But not because of the lack of citrus fruit. Even if I did a "remake", it wouldn't be smutty.

3. I was not aware that having over 20 reviews meant I was now taking orders.

4. doesn't even allow explicit fic!

5. Aang is, like, 13 in this fic! Are you some kind of pervert?
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For example, every now and then I like to look at old issues of DWM and fanzines. There is, of course, the infamous case of the Liverpudlian fanzine that shut down after a tasteless joke about the death of Colin Baker's infant son. (Some versions of the story have the child dying as punishment for bad acting, others have something about Baker digging the baby's body up for some purpose. The boy had died of what we now call SIDS, so Baker was deeply unhappy about the whole affair.)

Anyway, nothing I've found has been quite that terrible. Yet. I have to say that the idea, currently being put about, that Steven Moffat is a pedophile who writes children into stories to get himself off, comes pretty damn close. (And seriously, if you actually believed that ... what does it say that you're still watching?)

But I have discovered that, true to form, the fandom reacted with DISMAY and HORROR when Doctor Who began to be released on VHS. Because then you might realise it wasn't very good, you see. And plus, with home video, anyone could start watching it.

But I'm particularly charmed by this article from Doctor Who Bulletin, a publication for which the saying that a Doctor Who fan is someone who hates Doctor Who might have been created.

There's a large image behind here. )
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With Amy gone, we can no longer argue whether or not wearing mini-skirts makes her a brazen hussy ... but don't worry, here's the argument about whether Clara's second job makes her a whore, or merely easy. Also, characterisation: what business does it have appearing in television?

Fandom: actually in fact the worst!

On an unrelated note: denizens of Tumblr! If you're about to claim that rape was unknown outside of Europe until it was introduced by colonisers, I strongly recommend first googling "noble savage stereotype", and then sitting very quietly and thinking about what you've done.
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Your main fandom of the year?

AVATAR/LEGEND OF KORRA. With Doctor Who a close second.

Your favorite film you watched this year?

A very close tie between The Hunger Games, Avengers and Brave.

Your favorite book read this year?

It's so cute how you think I can choose!

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

I rediscovered a lot of old favourites when I found a file of mp3s I had misplaced. Love Outside Andromeda's self-titled debut is still amazing, and it worries me deeply how you could make a Community vid to pretty much every single song Regurgitator have ever released.

Your favorite tv show of the year?

Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Dance Academy, Elementary.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Dance Academy! Which takes a whole lot of YA and teen TV cliches and executes them with heart, and I'm absolutely devastated that season 3 will be the last, even though it's a natural place for the story to end.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Fandom itself, really. The fake geek girl stuff has been horrible, and a lot of fannish discourse, though it has roots in social justice, has been giving me flashbacks to my ultra-conservative Catholic childhood. And when I say "flashbacks" I mean "actually triggery", so I've had to disengage from a lot.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?


Your fandom girlfriend of the year?

♥♥ LIN BEIFONG ♥♥ -- with Amy Pond, River Song, Joan Watson, Abigail Armstrong, Natasha Romanoff and Toma Saya as very close runners up.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

ChicagoTARDIS -- I met people I've known for years online! I was in a book! IT WAS AMAZING!

The most missed of your old fandoms?

Mary Russell. The new book sparked some life back into my love, but Holmes fandom in general seems even less welcoming of female-dominated reinterpretations than it was a few years back.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I really need to watch Breaking Bad and Warehouse 13. I am aware that these are slightly different. And I plan to read Saga and Captain Marvel over the Christmas break.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

MOAR KORRA. Season 7.2 of Doctor Who. And I live my life in an eternal, probably futile wait for Marvel to do a Black Widow film.
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A friending meme to combat the decline in content on non-Tumblr platforms! (Not that Tumblr isn't great in its own way, I just don't find it a useful place for discussion.) I've friended a handful of people, and will go back to look at more.

I'm mildly intrigued at the number of people who include "pointless negativity and squee-harshing" in their flist turn-offs.

Expect some spam today -- remember when people would routinely make three journal posts in a day, and that would be normal and not spammy? -- as I'm still catching up on a few things, like my monthly book posts. Although I also see a doctor's visit looming today, because I've somehow developed a twitch in my left pinkie finger. Which is probably just stress related, only how stressed can I be when I've just gotten back from a holiday? I figure I should get that looked at ASAP in case it's carpal tunnel or something equally likely to interfere with work.
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I thought, "Everyone's talking about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. That's a YouTube thing, right? I'll download it and watch it on my iPad on the flight over!"

OH NO. THERE ARE GAZILLIONS OF EPISODES. Well, 52. So far. That's a lot of KeepVidding. Not to mention the parts of the story on Tumblr and Twitter.

So, I know there's a fandom. Is there, like, a handy download bundle? Maybe including the blog parts in some easily readable form? That would be SUPER HANDY.
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Hey, it only took me a week! First I had to remember how to get pictures off a device without wi-fi. Finally I remembered my new camera came with a USB cord.

I'm still having some trouble figuring out the purpose of a camera that's not linked to the internet -- how will Instagram know what I'm eating?! -- but I thought it might be useful to have a proper, non-iPhone camera for my trip, and Armageddon was a chance to try it out.

Of course, because it was crowded and rushed and also CROWDED, I only took three pictures. Well, four, but two were of the same Dalek.

So there are no apps? )
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I'm proud to announce that I have an essay in Chicks Unravel Time, the sister book to Chicks Dig Time Lords and the latest in Mad Norwegian Press's series of female and feminist-oriented fan books.

Naturally I'm talking about season 17, and how everyone who said it was terrible was WRONG, because it is funny and clever and driven by relationships and female characters, and also the Doctor and Romana are totally in love AND IT'S GREAT. So, some really hardcore academic writing.

I talk a little more seriously about it here, at the pro blog.
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Give me a character and I'll tell you a piece of my personal headcanon.

(Digression: I really hate the term "headcanon".  For years and years it was called "fanon", and that was fine and clever, and then some whippersnapper on Tumblr reinvented the wheel and came up with "headcanon", which, on account of containing "canon" seems to imply a higher level of entitlement than "fanon".  And no matter how much I complain, these damn kids won't get off my lawn!)

(New trends from Tumblr that I also hate:  "X pairing is endgame!"  Not least because it seems to be applied a lot to pairings that have no chance whatsoever of becoming "endgame", ie, Zutara.  And that's coming from someone who quite likes the idea of Katara and Zuko being a thing in old age, and Tenzin's head turning ALL THE COLOURS when he finds out.  But calling it "endgame" implies that they spent the intervening decades waiting for their spouses to drop dead so they could hook up at last.)

(Also not "endgame":  Tenzin/Lin.  When a couple broke up over a decade ago ... and one half is now happily married with an army of children ... and they're only just now back on speaking terms ... that's not a pairing with much future, sorry to say.  Chances that Bryke are gonna canonically break up Tenzin and Pema so Tenzin can get back together with his ex: PRETTY SLIM.)

(I guess that means Pema/Tenzin is endgame?  But now I want to conduct some kind of penance for saying that, so.  Suffice to say, the Tenzin-related tags on Tumblr are ANNOYING and still there is no shirtless Tenzin art because fandom HATES ME PERSONALLY.)

ANYWAY, a bit of a meme to fill out a Saturday that's already looking a bit full!  Here's what else I have planned:

- write minimum 1500 words of novel
- scout journals accessible via public library for research for novel (OH GOD)
- chapter 3 of the Malory Towers reading at the pro blog
- bring in laundry
- tidy room, since I moved furniture on Wednesday and now the Lizcave is CHAOS and this could actually take all day
- (bonus) type up handwritten pages of Detective AU
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But an awful lot of Tumblr users are still having trouble with the concept that Toph can have a baby but not a husband.
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Having recovered somewhat from the overwhelming badness of Among Others, I moved onto attempting Mira Grant's Deadline. I say "attempting", because it's the second book in a trilogy I had otherwise decided not to read, and while I had to give it a go, I promised myself I could stop if I really hated it.


To sum up: the Newsflesh trilogy is set in a sci-fi zombie apocalypse dominated by pop culture references that are already outdated now. (Strike one.) The protagonist in the second book has his dead twin sister living in his head, but that doesn't save him from being deeply annoying. (Strike two.) And then someone (thankfully) warned me that the trilogy's OTP are siblings. (Strike three.)

It wasn't HOLY SHIT, THIS IS BAD! on the scale of Among Others, but the little bit I read killed any desire to read any of Grant's other work ever.

Quick, potentially triggery rant about fannish attitudes to incest and also RL abuse. )

I'm now trying to read Ray of Light by Brad R. Torgersen, one of the nominated novelettes. I say "trying" because, while it's technically good and all, so far it suffers from All The Female Characters Are Symbols And Archetypes Syndrome, and also a bad case of PrecociousInnocentChildItis. I'm beginning to wonder if this year's nominations are actually an elaborate attempt at trolling.

Something I did like! I'm on a couple of YA panels at Continuum -- I also came third in the short story competition! -- so I've been catching up on some YA sci-fi. (I have to say, the contrast with the adult-oriented Hugo nominated novels is striking. And I'm still convinced that the really interesting stuff is being written for teens.) Really enjoyed Feed by M T Anderson, even though it is full of things I usually avoid -- cyberpunk, douchebag male protagonist who learns an important lesson from a borderline manic pixie dream girl, etc. Mostly because it is so well written that it turns the cliches inside out and into interesting origami shapes, and is also short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome. I'm not saying that I was crying on the train as I finished it, but ... yeah, I was totally crying on the train.

As long as I'm kicking lots of popular genre works, here are four more unpopular opinions:

- The actress who played Sif in Thor was really embarrassingly bad...
- ...and Darcy is kind of not that interesting to me
- Korra/Asami is possibly the most boring f/f pairing on the entire planet, and I'm sure I have good reasons for believing this that aren't just "They get in the way of Korra/Lin"
- it kind of skeeves me out that so much of the Korra/Tahno fan art on my dash puts Korra in a stereotypically feminine nurturing role

OH YEAH, and I'm also on a Continuum panel about vidding! So I should probably maybe go watch some vids? Said panel is at 11pm Friday night, btw, so if you come -- it's gold coin entry on Friday! -- maybe bring me some Red Bull, because I turn into a pumpkin at 9.30.
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So I bought a supporting membership for Chicon this year, for reasons that I'm sure seemed good at the time -- OH, RIGHT! I decided that I felt very strongly about "Remedial Chaos Therapy" deserving a first preference over "The Doctor's Wife" purely because people were being OUTRAGED that a MERE SITCOM was getting MAINSTREAM COOTIES all over their precious nerd awards. And also I wanted the option of nominating Legend of Korra Book 1 for Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) next year. Because I really want to see my show getting crushed by The Avengers and Game of Thrones, I guess.

Anyway, with membership comes the voting pack, electronic copies of all nominated novels, novelettes, novellas and short stories. And this was pretty great, because I was really keen to read Jo Walton's Among Others, which has been universally praised by fannish reviewers, and now I can do so for free!

The problem is that I ... kind of hated it. A lot.

The plot is this: Mori (Morwenna, or Mor) is 15, Welsh and it's 1979. Following an accident that left her with a crippling injury and a dead twin, she runs away from her mother, who an evil witch, spends two months in a Children's Home, and winds up being sent to live in England with her father, who abandoned his family when she was a baby.

The novel is written in the form of Mori's diary, and much of it deals with the science fiction she's reading. I've read about 80% of the books mentioned, and I have to say, other than giving fellow fans a warm glow, I don't really see what the book talk adds to the novel. Mori could have been obsessed with romance, or thrillers, or 18th century gothic literature, or Sherlock Holmes, and very little would be different.

Mori also sees fairies. Which is nice for her, I guess. She's sent off to boarding school, where she discovers the class system, and eventually becomes part of a local SF book club, while getting a boyfriend and fending off her mother's magical attacks.

The good bits: the depiction of chronic pain is AMAZING, and I had to take Panadol because I was having sympathetic pain. The boarding school bits are okay. The scenes with Mori's paternal grandfather, a Polish Jew, are interesting, and could have formed the backbone of an entire (better) book.

The bad bits: the narrative voice. Maybe I was just spoiled by Michelle Cooper's Montmaray books, a YA trilogy which is also narrated through the diary of a teenage girl, but this reads more like a 40-something's LJ than a teenage girl's diary. There are flashes of the "real" voice, but they're few and far between. She doesn't sound like a teenager, even a very precocious teenager.

(Said my friend [personal profile] yiduiqie when I asked her to have a read and tell me if I'm being unfair, "I thought you were joking about the LJ thing, but then it opens with a quote from a LiveJournal comment!")

The rest is spoilery, and also includes incest! )

Especially disappointing is that I loved every one of Jo Walton's novels, so I know she can do better. And worse, not counting A Dance With Dragons, this is one of only two Hugo-nominated novels with female protagonists.

From there I went on and read Fields of Gold by Rachel Swirsky, one of the nominated novelettes, in which an Average Joe dies and finds out that (a) the afterlife is just ... the dead, still hanging out; and (b) his wife killed him.

What was most notable for me, after Among Others, was how vivid the characters' voices were, and how quickly they came to life. So even though I didn't really like them, I totally believed in them, and that was enough to carry me through the 40 pages.

(Fields of Gold also contained incest. I can only assume this year's Hugos are sponsored by the Game of Thrones kinkmeme.)


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