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Man, Sady Doyle is just firing on all two cylinders at the moment

I mean, I haven't managed to take Tiger Beatdown seriously since either Doyle or one of the guest bloggers unilaterally decided that Patti Smith didn't count as a female rock musician (...because she is insufficiently feminine), but it seems like every time Tiger Beatdown has crossed my radar this year, it's been failtastic.  Even when there's a good point to be made, it's lost in the sheer wankery that surrounds it.  You can only have one good female character in Harry Potter!  Not a single woman likes Moff-era Doctor Who

I mean, it gets embarrassing after a while.  These days I automatically think less of anyone who links to a Doyle or Tiger Beatdown article.  Because if nothing else, originality and she are not friends, so you can always find exactly the same point being made by someone else, in a way that isn't completely ridiculous.


Jul. 13th, 2011 09:49 am
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Harvey has been missing since Sunday. You'll already know about this if you follow me on any social networking medium whatsoever, as I haven't spoken about much else. Suffice to say, my next pet will have a tracking device. In fact, when Harvey comes back, I'm going to put one on his collar.

We called the shelters, reported him missing to the council, and today we're going to doorknock the neighbours. Everyone agrees that this is normal cat behaviour. In conclusion: cats are jerks.

A partial list of reasons Harvey hasn't come home yet:

- he's still sleeping off the preschooler he ate on Sunday morning
- he joined a bikie gang, and is trafficking high-grade catnip
- he's whoring himself out for cheap 'nip
- he's fighting crime
- he has been kidnapped by a Clancy Brown character in order to blackmail us

So that's basically been dominating my thoughts for the last four days. Good times. Good WHERE IS MY CAT I WANT HIM BACK times. He's microchipped, so as long as he's found somewhere, I'll be called. BUT WE WANT HIM BACK SAFE AND ALIVE AND CRANKY. AND THEN HE'S NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE AGAIN.

Other news:

- I bought A Dance with Dragons yesterday (and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my shoulder lugging it home), but I'm actually so engrossed in Spoiled by the Fug Girls (...okay, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan) that I haven't cracked it open yet. Why yes, I do lack nerd cred!
- I did my taxes on Friday! Unfortunately, I haven't saved enough money to get to America this year. But I'll be getting enough back in my tax refund to go to Sydney for a K-pop concert in November, and to Brisbane for a visit when my new nephew is born in September, and also a new laptop and some other things. America: will have to stick around until next year.
- my secondment to the Feds has come to an end, and I'm back in the main office at work. People talk to me! I can go to the bathroom and kitchen unattended! I can use punctuation again! On the downside, they use a lot of big words in court, and no one swears.
- I am both writing my Avatar Big Bang (so far: 3000 words of Toph and Azula being wary and arguing) and editing my AU Big Bang (so far: lots of headdesking as I question my ability to construct anything remotely like a plot).

Good times. Kind of. HAVE YOU SEEN MY NOMCAT?
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I was deeply pleased to realise the other day that there are, in fact, multiple fics where Zuko's paternity is in doubt due to Ursa's friendship with Piandao. This meets with my approval for several reasons:

- I get a sadistic amusement out of having Zuko's whole angst being rendered effectively meaningless
- It is so very improbable, on account of Zuko and Ozai being basically identical
- Ursa and Piandao have never interacted in canon, but that is no reason not to ship them
- This AU is pretty great.

Anyway, I was particularly tickled by this throwaway line in the new comic collection:

Not really spoilery? But a little? IDK, I wouldn't have wanted to be spoiled. )

UNRELATED, except for the obvious, this was my reaction to the Game of Thrones finale. Spoilers up to the title of the new book. )
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1. I'm rewatching season 17 of Doctor Who. Here is a pictorial representation of my feelings:


[personal profile] piecesofalice: "Why did you draw a picture of the Doctor and Romana riding a unicorn that's vomiting rainbows?"
Me: "It was in my heart. Also, the unicorn is purple."

2. Game of Thrones, in conjunction with re-reading A Feast for Crows. Hence spoilers for both book and series. )

3. East West 101, with a trigger warning. So I was kind of side-eyeing this season already... )
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Assume spoilers for both book and series. And capslock.

A bear there was! A bear! A bear! )
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I've been pretty excited for this since ... let's see, first I heard of the series was when Lena Headey was cast as Cersei. Then I started reading the books, and got really excited. It's one of those series where I don't get fannish per se, because there is exactly as much of the things I love as I need, and therefore very little to fix. (Not that the books aren't without issues! A warning for people who are unfamiliar with the series and thinking of picking it up, either in novel or TV format: they are pretty full of the rapin' and the orientalisin' and the graphic'. And I don't know what George R. R. Martin has against the human nipple, but ... yeah, anyway.)

In short, at least half of the House o'Squid has been hanging out for this. [profile] suburbannoir went into a full spoiler black-out and refused to even watch trailers. I watched everything, up to the point where the promotional stuff got too much and I decided I could wait.

I'm also re-reading the books right now, so events and characters are pretty fresh in my mind.

In terms of reaction, the least spoilery thing I can say is, yes, that was mostly good. I can't even imagine what a person who isn't familiar with the books would make of it (though I, for one, appreciated not getting a full biography of every single character in the opening scene). [personal profile] piecesofalice was unspoiled, and aside from an aversion to the strummy-strummy Renaissance faire score, seemed to enjoy it. She also spotted that SPOILER and SPOILER are SPOILERING EACH OTHER well before the SHOCKING FINAL SCENE, so well done her.

Spoilers say winter is coming. )


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