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[personal profile] stultiloquentia had a post setting some of her WiPs free, which I thought was rather nifty.  I had a look through my drafts folder, but it turns out I don't actually have abandoned fics, just works in progress that I plan to finish one day (really).  Still, I enjoy reading snippets, so here a few a few of mine.

The Epic Tophzula, formerly of the Avatar Big Bang )

The AU where Ursa killed Azulon AND Ozai, and then Iroh has to figure out what to do with her )

Azula/Toph, something about lies, families, etc )

The AU where Azula never found out Zuko and Iroh were in Ba Sing Se, and 16 years later, the Fire Nation has won the war, and Mai is the governor of Ba Sing Se, and she and Zuko have an awkward 30-something reunion )

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Where the spoilers live.  More pictures have been emerging, and will probably continue to emerge.  I strongly recommend Tumblr Savioring "The Promise" if you don't want to be spoiled.  Or, indeed, if you don't care. 

Spoilery talk. )
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I love Wednesdays, because they're my mid-week day off.  Here is today's to-do list:

- sleep in
- go to Bridge Road, acquire new skinny jeans and a bra that isn't secretly scheming to kill me with its underwire HOW CAN A STORE BE FULL OF BRAS, YET HAVE NO NICE ONES IN MY SIZE? Oh, it was full of lacy, fancy 14G bras, but none of them were plain, comfortable and supportive all at once! It's not that I don't like lacy, fancy bras, but they don't last at all!
- come home, work on Avatar Big Bang

I'm going to Sydney this weekend, and at one point I'd had grand and responsible plans to have the damn fic finished and off to betas before SQUIDCATION.  But right now, I'd settle for "closer to the end than before".

Now, I'm going to have breakfast and embark on today's expedition.  I leave you all with a question to ponder:  why are there so many Azula/Sokka fics?  Why do so many people look at Azula and think, "Yes!  What she really needs is the love of a good man!"?
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As you may have guessed by my repeated whinging references, I've been blocked on my Avatar Big Bang for a few weeks. Azula is just not the kind of character who responds well to emotional crises, even very small ones. (Small ones may be the worst, in fact. If it's a big one, there's always the option of a psychotic breakdown!)

Anyway, I seem to have finally gotten through it. Tip: if your Azula is feeling down, oppressing some peasants is sure to put a smile back on her face!

This led to what is effectively an outtake from the fic. I didn't even get as far as writing it, but it amused me enough to draw it.

This is probably why all Toph's friends think dating Azula is a bad idea. )
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Spoilers will feel a tingling sensation and then death. )

In short, those were my FEELINGS.

In other news, the swelling on my ankle has finally started to go down a little.  I'm going back to work tomorrow, which is a bit of a terrifying thought.  I'm seriously wondering how feasible it is to get off the train, then take a tram for the single block that takes me uphill.  But then I'll have a downhill walk for most of a block to get to the office.  Damn.

And I cracked the 10,000 word minimum on my Avatar Big Bang yesterday.  Only it's a stupid minimum and I think I'm only about halfway through the story.  And oh look, rough drafts are due on August 31.  Fortunately they accept detailed outlines, and then you have another two months to finish the thing.


Aug. 25th, 2011 09:26 am
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The doctor gave me a medical certificate covering me until Friday, and a slip to get my ankle X-rayed if it's no better by Monday.

"It looks like a very bad sprain," he said, "but there might be a hairline fracture that's disguised by the swelling."


Though seriously, I am familiar with the ways of sprains, and that's what this feels like to me.  On his recommendation I rented some crutches, but the only kind they had in my size were elbow crutches, which put a lot of strain on my hands.  So mostly I'm sitting in my armchair with my foot propped up on my desk chair (currently being iced again, because the swelling isn't going down at all) with my laptop in my lap and my desktop set up to watch TV if I'm in the mood.  And my quilting and my ebook reader are by my side.  Oh, and my sketchbook.  Boredom is not really a factor at the moment.

Two extra days off work would be a great opportunity to work on my Avatar Big Bang, especially since there was unexpected kissing in the last bit I wrote, but this kind of physical discomfort doesn't really lend itself to writing.  A summary of where I'm at:

Azula:  "Kissing you is not the worst thing I've ever done, but I'm not touching you again until you've bathed."

Toph:  "You are such a princess."

Azula:  "...that's kind of a sore spot.  I'll set you on fire as soon as I'm over this endorphin rush."

Incidentally, because everything I suffer these days is essentially self-inflicted, that rash I was complaining of the other day?  Yeah, if you're lactose intolerant, you shouldn't eat ice cream.  I JUST FORGOT, OKAY?  I mean, it was so long since I had ice cream, I just didn't quite make the connection.  So I have high-strength antihistamines and some hydrocortisone cream, which has taken out the itch, but I still have bright red patches on my cheeks.  GOOD TIMES.


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