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Season 6 of Game of Thrones, which benefits enormously from overtaking the books. Suddenly stalled character arcs are moving again! Dany gets to do more than be a bit out of her depth (and Emilia Clarke gets to do more than look pensive)! More Diana Rigg! The Braavosi equivalent of "The Ember Island Players"!

Significant spoilers )As a palate cleanser, I then watched the three episodes of House that featured Lin-Manuel Miranda. I moved on from that series early in season 3, but such is the nature of the series that I had no trouble at all picking it up in season 6. (Shocking spoilers: beneath his gruff exterior, House cares a lot. I know, I know, it's news to me, too.)

Season 6 opens with House in a psychiatric hospital, and LMM is his roommate, a Puerto Rican rapper with bi-polar disorder. It's full of ableist cliches and also regular cliches, but LMM is a delightful human being in any situation, and Andre Braugher plays the guy in charge, so if you squint a bit, it looks like a really odd episode of Brooklyn 99.

Next: Stranger Things, followed, I think, by a Gravity Falls rewatch.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -- but you knew that. I'm still having a lot of feelings. It's a problem.

(It turns out that if you post a couple of times about Draco Malfoy to Tumblr, you start being followed by ... hunk blogs? Tumblrs dedicated to male models? I feel bad for them, I am absolutely the last person they should be following.)

Then I started reading American Lightning: Terror, Mystery, the Birth of Hollywood, and the Crime of the Century by Harold Blum, but it wasn't enough to overcome my MASSIVE BOOK HANGOVER, so I turned to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

(There are currently no plans to bring Cursed Child to Australia, but there are pretty close ties between the producers and the Australian theatre industry -- yes, I just googled -- so I feel like I should start putting money aside to buy tickets as soon as it's announced.)

Other things, not actually culture:

I've almost finished the quilt top I've been working on for the last few months -- my very first quilt that's just for me! It's a lap blanket for the couch. At my current speed, it will probably be finished by the end of summer.

I seem to have hayfever for the very first time in my life -- although it's winter, Melbourne has apparently been inundated by pollens from all over the place, and a lot of people have developed hayfever for the first time. I DON'T CARE FOR IT. I'm itchy all the time, my previously well-managed dermatitis is off the charts. I could go out and buy antihistamines, but I know there's a box around here ... somewhere. So I'm stubbornly suffering while I look for it. 

(Also, I kind of overspent this fortnight, so I'm on a really tight budget until I get paid on Wednesday. I'm not regretting my Cursed Child impulse purchase, mind, but I am quite itchy, and I'm running out of tissues fast.)

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A thought that struck me as I was walking to the office and, incidentally, completely failing at catching a Pidgeotto. )
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I read the play yesterday afternoon, and have basically been floating on Harry Potter Feels ever since. And I got tired of attempting to squee without spoilers on Twitter, so I'm shifting to a more appropriate venue.

Spoilers and squee. )
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Okay, I've only produced two commentfics so far, but one is 1400 words!

The Wizards Come to UNIT. In which UNIT has a Time Turner, and Ancelyn has a theory.

Currently untitled fic where Azula meets River Song. With a dash of Toph/Azula, plus dubious Mandarin and spoilers for Korra.
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Saw it last night with [personal profile] baggers and [personal profile] indeed. This was especially nifty has [personal profile] baggers had only read the first third of the book, so once the tent was up, she was in totally new territory.

We did make two mistakes, and since I booked the tickets, I'm responsible for both:

1. We saw it at Northlands, suburbialand, in the early evening on a Saturday night...
2. the smaller, cheaper cinema with no leg room, inadequate air conditioning, a worryingly sticky floor and a peculiar smell.

So we were uncomfortable and surrounded by children and teenagers. Including five teenage girls behind us who talked loudly through the whole thing and very badly needed a smack.

The actual movie:

'We're older now, the light is dim, and you are only just beginning' )


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