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"Okay, Liz," you say, "but we haven't actually seen Lin's bedroom in canon, so you're asking us to sit down and read your speculation."

No! I'm asking you to sit down and read my theory that we have, in fact, seen Lin's bedroom in canon!

"Out of the Past" has an early scene where we see Lin in bed, recovering from injuries received two episodes ago. Most people assume she's in hospital, because when Tenzin sees her later, he greets her with, "Lin, you should be in hospital!" But what we actually see on screen doesn't look like a hospital room.

 photo air9-213_zpsphj9crgu.jpg  photo air9-214_zps7u7gynsr.jpg

Reasons I say this:
  • Large indoor plants are not generally a feature of hospital rooms.
  • Nor are wooden floors, except in very old hospitals -- they're not as easy to sanitise as tile or linoleum
  • That's one big, empty room for one patient
  • Okay, it might be a fancy private hospital room for a city official injured in the line of duty...
  • ...with a DOUBLE BED?
  • Made of wood, not metal?
  • That can't be adjusted for the patient to sit up?
  • With two generously-sized bedside tables?
  • And a giant, squishy looking pillow?
  • And a padded chair for a visitor?
  • There's no way to hang screens around the bed for privacy!
By contrast, here is a picture of a hospital ward from the 1920s:

 photo 213-1_zpsib9qrk86.jpg

Note the lino flooring, the screens where curtains can be drawn for privacy, the adjustable metal single beds on wheels, the flat pillows, the hard chairs for visitors. Not to mention that there are four beds in that space.

But the wood is what I keep coming back to -- terrible material for a hospital ward, but great if, say, your mother is the world's greatest earthbender, and sensitive enough to know when people are lying. You want privacy in your bedroom? Wood floor, wood bed.

(This isn't necessarily Lin's childhood home, but the point still stands.)

But it's the double bed that I keep coming back to. Have you ever seen a double bed in a hospital?

And hospital wards, even fancy private rooms, are pretty utilitarian. But look at the decoration here:

 photo air9-232_zps2p4l4phw.jpg

Ceiling detail.

 photo air9-236_zpshagrrsnl.jpg

A bagua on the wall.

 photo air9-271_zpshnn0s349.jpg

Ornate lampshades.

On the other hand, we also see Lin's closet, and it's empty aside from her armour. That's one of the reason I always assumed, until recently, that this was indeed a hospital room.

But we know that Lin has the fewest costume changes of any major character, and that was deliberate. Maybe she just doesn't own many clothes. Or, for headcanon purposes, there could be a whole separate wardrobe against the wall we don't see, where she keeps the nice clothes she doesn't want exposed to rust or armour oil. Where does her coat come from?

Because I still can't get over that double bed.

In fact, I would argue that the overall aesthetic of the room Lin is in is closest to Tenzin and Pema's bedroom, seen here:

 photo air10-28_zps384ssuik.jpg

Lin's is much simpler, of course, but then, it only has one full-time occupant (that we know of). Plus her room is bigger. But the overall aesthetic -- chests, a bagua mirror, wood -- are similar. Pema and Tenzin's bed looks bigger than Lin's here, but it's currently occupied by one adult and three children -- in "Out of the Past", where it held two adults and one child, it looked a lot smaller. (Plus, you know, animation = stuff like that can change, no one's perfect, etc.)

Finally, contrast Lin's room with the setting where Yakone has plastic surgery.

 photo air11-1575_zpshp4jrpsd.jpg  photo air11-1587_zpsickjashm.jpg

Sterile and easily cleaned -- lots of metal and tiles. A very small, flat pillow.

It could be the difference between an operating room and a recovery area for a high profile patient.

But. There's that damn double bed.

Date: 2017-03-03 01:09 am (UTC)
sqbr: zuko with a fish on his head (avatar)
From: [personal profile] sqbr
Well, I'm convinced!

Date: 2017-03-03 01:48 pm (UTC)
sqbr: pretty purple pi (Default)
From: [personal profile] sqbr

More like: my headcanon was sparser, but I can guess I can accept this :)

Date: 2017-03-03 06:10 am (UTC)
archangelbeth: Zuko and Iroh, when they were running the tea-shop. Captioned: Let's make some TEA (Let's make some TEA)
From: [personal profile] archangelbeth
Huh! I always assumed that was her bedroom because of her armor -- and if I recall correctly, how her armor was arranged in it, to be easy to bend onto her body. Like, it wasn't something that nurses just tossed in there (or set in there), like they make you bundle up your clothes and shove them in a plastic bag and sort of plop them into the cabinet. It was put in there in just the right way for her to turn her back and FWOOSH, ARMOR. (Do I remember that right?) Having the chair pulled up near the bed like that makes it look a little hospitally, but really, if she likes to sit down to take off her boots and doesn't want to do that on the edge of the bed, I can see it there., wait, of course she'd do that. Drop a towel on the chair for times when her pants are dusty, sit down, drag her boots/socks off, stand up and get whatever else off... Or maybe drape her pajamas over it instead of tossing them on the bed. >_>


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