Nov. 24th, 2013

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As I said, spoilers. )

Feelings very positive, but also overwhelming, also I have a headache and a shoulder that's buggered. (Technical medical term there. More precisely, arthritis has buggered it for me. If it's not better in two weeks, I'm to return to my rheumatologist and pay an exorbitant sum for a corticosteroid injection.)

I'm seeing it again at the movies later, in glorious 3D (I secretly love 3D, it's just that it gives me migraines. Pre-emptive panadeine, wooo!) so hopefully I'll be more coherent later.
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...wasn't actually in 3D for me? I think it's where I was sat in the cinema -- I was over in a far corner, but fairly close-ish to the screen. Had a great view, except it was all 2D. And blurry. ([personal profile] sohotrightnow was beside me, and she said the 3D intermittently failed for her, so it was weirdly stereoscopic.)

So that was disappointing, and not great for my headache, but I did love it all over again otherwise. I loved it so much, I could kiss Steven Moffat's stupid Scottish face. And I think I'd rather like to cosplay Rose, if I can find appropriately post-apocalyptic leggings.


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